Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th June 2021 Written Update: Devika agrees to marry Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vasudha praises about Armaan’s family to Preesha and tells her that even God trying to save her new life from shattering and she saw love in Armaan’s eyes for her and he gave happiness to her but Rudraksh gave nothing to her except sorrows and asks her to live her life. Preesha goes to meet Armaan.

Armaan wonders that where Preesha went and regrets for listening Uncle’s advice and assumes that he hurted Preesha and hopes she won’t leave him. Preesha comes there and tells him that she was with Vasudha. He apologize to her saying that he should not have done that but even if he had not told her, she would have get to know about it one day because he was unable to control his feelings. He tells her that they have been honest with each other always and their relationship has been based on trust that’s why he told everything to her.

She tells him that he did the right thing by telling the truth and nothing can come between them if they stayed as friends only and apologize to him saying that she don’t love him and she can’t love anyone even if she wants. He tells her that he understands her completely and asks her to forget his proposal and he just want to be with her and apologize to her for hurting her and asks her to promise that she won’t leave him and Anvi never. She promises to him and leaves from there.

Preesha cries recalling the recent incidents. Other side, Armaan cries recalling Preesha’s words. Rudraksh cries recalling the moments Preesha shared with Armaan and also about Preesha’s words and asks himself that why he is thinking about her.

Next day, Preesha talks to Saaransh’s picture saying that Rudraksh troubling her but she is strong enough to face him so she won’t let him trouble her anymore. Everyone gathers for breakfast. Anvi gets happy learning that Rudraksh staying with them. Rudraksh tells Armaan that Devika has told him a lot about the latter and Preesha and asks him that how their love story started. Armaan tells him that when they met that time circumstances was not good and Preesha took care of everyone then he fell for her, now he can’t imagine a life without her.

Preesha comes there and tells him that she also can’t imagine a life without him. Armaan thinks that she is saying all this for Anvi’s sake. She gives burnt toast to him. He hugs her and leaves for meeting. Rudraksh stops him and asks his permission to marry Devika. Devika shocks hearing him. Rudraksh asks her that will she marry him. Armaan tells him that what Devika wants is visible from her face so he don’t have any problem with it. Devika agrees to marry Rudraksh. Uncle congratulates Rudraksh and hugs him. Rudraksh asks Preesha that why she is not saying anything. She tells him that if he really loves Devika and he will give happiness to her then she is also happy.

After some time, Rudraksh tells Preesha that he came to see her real happiness. She tells him that he is doing wrong and his intention is wrong and he is doing all this to hurt her. He gets close to her asks her that don’t she remember his touch and she pushes him saying that she forgot everything and asks him that how dare he to touch her and reminds him that she is someone else’s wife. He tells her that she was his wife and he is not interested in touching her because he is going to give all his love to his new wife and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vasudha learns about Devika and Rudraksh’s marriage. Armaan announces that they shifting to Delhi. Preesha tells him that she don’t want to go Delhi so he asks Uncle to cancels the tickets.

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