Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th November 2021 Written Update: Mishka apologizes to Venky

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha learns about Doctor strike from head of the hospital and she informs him that she will join the hospital. She explains Rudraksh that hospital needs her so she need to join tomorrow. He tells her that he will visit her as patient. She informs him that she needs to wake up early so she want to sleep and then she lays on the bed. He lays beside her.

On the other hand, Mishka regrets for lying. She recalls that how she was partying with her friends in boys hostel. Girls hides hearing door knocking sound. Venky scolds Rakesh for disturbing other students including him by playing loud music. Mishka comes out and tells that enough of his lecture. Venky asks Rakesh that how can the latter bring girls to boys hostel. He tells him to send them otherwise he will complain him to Principal. Rakesh tells him that if the latter don’t want to enjoy then that’s okay but at least let him enjoy. But Venky is not ready to listen so Rakesh promises that he will send them in 5 minutes.

Rakesh tells Mishka that party is over. Mishka gets irritated with it and goes to Venky’s room. Rakesh decides to teach a lesson to Venky. Mishka visits Venky and lies to him that she also don’t like to party when she has to prepare for her exams. She asks him to have fun and removes his shirt button. He asks her to leave him and he tores her dress sleeve by mistake. Rakesh tells Principal that Venky brought girl to boys hostel.

Venky apologizes to Mishka and asks her to leave from there. She tells him that she won’t leave. Principal comes there and asks them that what’s happening there and she scolds Venky. Mishka lies to her that he tried to molest her. Principal asks her that what is she doing in boys hostel. Mishka tells her that she came to wish her friend but Venky dragged her into his room and tried to molest her. Venky tells Principal that Mishka lying. Principal asks them to meet her in her office room.

Principal accepts bribe from Mishka’s father. Mishka learns that her father sending her to London. She comes to reality and apologizes to God. She thinks that if she tells the truth to Param then he will leave her. She decides to not tell the truth to anyone.

Next day, Rudraksh helps Preesha to get ready. He tells her that she always supports him so he want to support her now. He serves breakfast to her. He realises that his hand made food is not tasty still Preesha eating it without any complain.

Preesha gives breakfast to Gopal for him and Venky. Later, Mishka visits Srinivasan’s house. Gopal asks her to stay with Venky saying that he need to go out to buy medicine. She nods at him. Then she goes to Venky and apologizes to him and pleads him to not tell the truth to anyone.

Episode ends.

Precap – Venky learns about Mishka and Param’s marriage

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