Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2023 Written Update: Arjun brings Simran home

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st December 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya talks to Kaashvi’s photo. He tells her that he know he is just a friend for her. He wonders how Kaashvi will react to his proposal. He hope that Kaashvi accepts his proposal.


One girl Simran asks Kaashvi to save her. Kaashvi hides behind the car with Simran. Few men searches Simran and leaves from there. Kaashvi asks Simran about them. Simran tells her that they are her family members. She says that she loves a guy who is another caste. Kaashvi tells her to talk to her family. Simran tells her that her family won’t understand. Kaashvi tells her that she will protect her.

Those men returns and asks Simran to go with them. Kaashvi tells them that Simran won’t go with them. She warns them to leave from there. One man says that Kaashvi is just a weak girl. Kaashvi beat those men up. That man slaps Kaashvi. She beat him up. She runs from there with Simran. Arjun comes there in the car and tells them to get in.

After some time, Simran tells thanks to Arjun and Kaashvi. Kaashvi asks Simran that where the latter will stay. Simran tells her that she will do something. Kaashvi tells her that the latter is not safe. She asks her to stay with her in her house. Simran tells her that she can’t put her life in danger. Arjun says that Simran can stay in his house. Kaashvi says that Arjun is right. Simran nods at them.

Later, Arjun takes Simran to his house. Mahima asks him about Simran. Arjun says that Karun need a nanny so he brought Simran. Mahima tells him that they don’t neee nanny. Romila tells Mahima that Arjun did right. Arjun says that he won’t change his decision. Mahima tells him that he can do whatever he wants to do.

Aditya praises Dadi. Dadi asks him that what he want from her. He asks her to choose one ring. She asks him that if he is thinking to propose Kaashvi. He tells her that he loves Kaashvi and he will keep her happy. He says that he want to become best husband from best friend. He adds that he realised how much he loves Kaashvi. She sees the rings. She thinks that Kaashvi can be happy with Aditya. She selects one ring. He tells her that he also selected that ring.

Kaashvi comes there and asks Aditya that what is he doing there. Aditya tells her that he was discussing about food with Dadi. Kaashvi says that she is hungry and goes to freshen up. Aditya tells Dadi that he will propose Kaashvi today.

Simran tells Karun that he is ready to sleep now. Karun leaves from there. Simran hugs Micky. She tells him that her family got to know about their love that’s why she ran away from house. Arjun sees them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aditya tries to propose Kaashvi. Karun tells Aditya that Simran lives in his house.

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