Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh finds Ahana’s location

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Screenshot 2021 0421 184619

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yuvraj reaches the party and thinks Rudraksh always surrounded with girls. He introduces himself as Rudraksh’s manager saying that he manages his events and asks the Rudraksh’s friend mobile number. He asks Rudraksh’s friends to tell about Rudraksh’s past life like his affair, one night stand and all. Rudraksh’s friends says to Yuvraj that Rudraksh was simple guy and he don’t even look at girls and his nickname was ” Invisible man “.

They says to him that its hard to believe that now Rudraksh is popular between girls. Yuvraj wonders how he is going to get any scandal information of Rudraksh and seems like his and Sulochana’s plan going to fail because nothing is there to expose Rudraksh.

On the other hand, Rudraksh drinks a lot and Sonia tries to stop him. He tells her to not stop him. She says to him that she knows that he came to the party to forget Preesha and the pain she gave to him. He says to her that she started to understand him very well and she should also know that how much he loves Preesha and Preesha is his life and she also loves him so much and she can’t live without him too but he is not understanding why she is hurting him and also herself. She thinks she wants him to forget Preesha so she can take her place in his life.

Drunken Rudraksh reaches the house with Sonia. Preesha sees him and tells Sonia to move saying that she will take Rudraksh to his room. Rudraksh pushes Preesha saying that he don’t need her help and Sonia is there to help him. Sonia smriks hearing him and takes him to his room. She talks to the sleeping Rudraksh and thanks him for taking her to the party and she will become his wife and she can do anything for that and kisses his hand.

Next day, Rudraksh wakes up and struggles in headache. Preesha gives lemonade to him but he refuse to take it and yells at her for coming to his room and pushes the glass. While walking he steps on the broken glasses. She makes him sit on the bed to treat his wound. He asks her to not show the fake concern towards him. She says to him that she knows that he is angry but why he changes so much and why she will show fake concern towards him when she is his wife. He says to her that she is his wife but she won’t accept his mother and brother and tells her to stay away from him and leaves from there.

Preesha gets surprised seeing Vasudha and learns that Vasudha invited her to stay with them. Sulochana taunts Vasudha. Preesha takes stand for Vasudha and taunts Sulochana. Rudraksh comes there and scolds Preesha for insulting Sulochana. Preesha says to him that Sulochana insulted Vasudha first. Sulochana acts innocent in front of Rudraksh and starts crying. Vasudha notices everything silently. Rudraksh takes Vasudha’s blessings.

Rudraksh learns that Ahana and Kabir is in Goa and he informs about it to his family. Sharda says to Rudraksh that everyone should leave for Goa. Yuvraj asks Rudraksh to book ticket for him too. Vasudha and Sulochana argues with each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – One small boy introduces himself as Rudraksh’s child to Rudraksh.

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