Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Written Update: Vanshika saves Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan wonders that how Prem revived the plant. He thinks that, that’s impossible. He finds the dead plant in the dustbin. He realises that Prem bought new plant which was really expensive. He decides to meet the florist. On the other hand, Pihu calls Raj and she asks him about his voice. Raj tries to speak but fails. She asks him to not try. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she and Kanchan did nothing.

She says that she waited for them to lift the trophy together then why she will do something like that. She adds that she will find the person who is behind all this. She tells him that she will make sure that he signs contract with best music company of India, but she wants his trust. She asks him that if he trust her. Vidyut snatches the phone from Raj. He tells Pihu that they don’t trust her. He warns her to stay away from them. He tells her that they have Rudraksh and disconnects the call. He tells Raj to stay away from Pihu because Thakurs are curse.

Armaan meets florist. He learns that Kanchan and Rudraksh purchased the same plant. He thinks that he was right that Prem works for Rudraksh. He gets invoice of Rudraksh’s purchase from him and leaves from there.

After some time, Armaan gathers everyone in the hall. He says that he want to thank Prem for saving the plant. He tells Prem that, that plant looks like new one. He asks him that if the latter purchased new plant. Prem asks him that how can he purchase new plant. Armaan asks him that if the latter is sure. He shows the dead plant. He asks him to say that from where it came. He reveals that it’s the plant which Kanchan purchased. He informs his family that he found this plant in the dustbin. He says that Kanchan’s name is there in this plant. He reveals that two person purchased this plant.

Preesha tells him that Prem can’t purchase this expensive plant. He gives invoice to her. He says that it’s Rudraksh who helped Prem. He asks his family that if they understood Rudraksh’s plan. He says that he already said that Prem working for Rudraksh but no one believed him. Disguises Vanshika comes there. She asks Armaan that who will trust him. She introduces herself as Prem’s wife. She says that her name is Prema. She says that she stole the expensive plant from Rudraksh’s house.

She tells them that she works in Khurana house. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. She says that she did all this to save Prem’s respect. She tells them that Prem loves them so much. She reveals that Rudraksh fired her from the job because he found that she stole his plant. Digvijay tells her that plant died because of Prem’s careless. Armaan says that Prem even lied.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Doctor asks Rudraksh to find out Preesha’s medicines. Later, Ruhi sees Armaan mixing powder in Preesha’s water and she tells about it to Rudraksh. Khuranas and Vanshika sneak into Armaan’s room to find the medicines.

Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Vanshika that he is going to reach Armaan’s house and he can’t go in front of Armaan with his original black eyebrows. He asks her to get him fake eyebrows. Vanshika tells him that MK is out of town. He tells her that everything will be ruined if she did not bring fake eyebrows then. On the other hand, Kanchan says that Prem is such a careless gardener. She adds that she won’t spare him. Digvijay asks her that what is she doing there.

Kanchan tells him that Prem ruined her plant. She says that she don’t want inefficient gardener in her house. She adds that Prem can’t stay in her house. She decides to fire him from the job. Kids gets shocked hearing her. Digvijay tells Armaan that today is the latter’s lucky day. He says that Kanchan will fire Prem and Armaan need not to do anything.

Vidyut and Rudraksh reaches Armaan’s house. Vanshika comes there. She tells Rudraksh that she is his saviour. She gives fake eyebrows to him. She says that she got it from MK’s assistant. Rudraksh thanks her and he goes inside.

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