Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha comes to the Khurana house for first time after marriage

Episode begins with Preesha comes out of the court and Vasudha and GPS meet her outside the court and GPS asks her why did you lie to me? Whom are you trying to save tell me right now. Yuvraj gets to hear their conversation and he comes out and says Preesha is trying to save me because the accident was done by me. He says to GPS that Preesha reached the spot later than me because I went there to meet Rajiv only.

He is saying some filthy words about Preesha and Saransh, he even bad-mouthed about Mahima as well which made me sad and angry. I don’t understand what to do and then I just hit him with my car unknowingly.

Preesha comes there a bit late and she took the blame on herself even after me asking her not to do that again and again. GPS got angry on Yuvraj and he slapped him for playing with the emotions and life of Preesha as she can die today.

However precious says to her father that if Raj has no fault of him in this. It was me who wants to take the blame to keep him, his profession and his career safe.

These statements don’t convince GPS much and he got pissed on Yuvraj when Vasudha comes there and says that she wants to go to the temple as she made a swear on God and she has to perform the Pooja now. Yuvraj says to GPS that you please accompany aunty and I will drop Preesha home. Rudraksha on the other side is getting married to Mishka and he is trying to cheer up Saransh but Saransh is too upset to enjoy anything.

Rudraksh understands that he is angry with him but he feels that after some day Saransh will be out of the thoughts of Preesha and you will get used to this house and with him. On the way back home Yuvraj says to Prasad that if you got this bill 2 days ago din you don’t have to handover the custody of Saransh to Rudraksh. Preesha decides to visit the Khurana house to get back from there.

As soon as Preesha enters the house everybody gets shocked to see her there while in the house of Preesha, Vasudha is looking for Preesha but finds out that she hasn’t reached yet. Everybody starts to act violently after seeing Preesha in the house. Ganesha says I have nothing to do with all of you people, I just came here for my son Saransh. Saransh gets to hear the sound of his mother and he comes down. Sirens disclosed in front of everybody that Rudraksha is already married to his mother Preesha and that is why is trying to stop the wedding.

None is ready to believe in his words and they start to call him laya when Preesha says my son is not speaking lies and whatever he is saying is true. Preesha is walking back home with Saransh from the Khurana house but to stop Saransh from going there Rudraksh confessed in front of all that he indeed got married to Preesha and she is his wife.

Precap – Rudraksh asks Preesha to stay with him in his room.