Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2024 Written Update: Vicky sees Aman

Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun asks Kaashvi that why she is interfering in his life when she asked him to not interfere in her life. Kaashvi tells him that she is asking for Karun’s sake. She says that she got attached to Karun and she can’t see him sad. She informs him that Karun met her and asked her to solve Arjun and Mahima’s marriage problems. She adds that Karun want Arjun and Mahima to lead a happy normal life. He asks her that can’t she see he is not happy with Mahima. He says that he can’t teach Karun to lie. He tells her to divorce Aditya and marry him. He adds that Karun can lead a happy life with him and Kaashvi.

Mahima comes there and scolds Kaashvi. She says that she thought Kaashvi moved on in her life with Aditya. She tells Kaashvi that she thought the latter will help her to unite with Arjun. She badmouth Kaashvi. Arjun tells Mahima that Kaashvi came to talk to him. Mahima tells him that she saw what they were doing. She tells Kaashvi that the latter is separating her from Arjun. Arjun tells Mahima that her actions separating her from him. Mahima hugs him and asks him to not leave her. She tells him that she can’t live without him. He asks her that what is she doing and pushes him.

Karun comes there and faints. Kaashvi notices rashes on Karun’s body. She tells Arjun to call the doctor because Karun has fever too. Mahima asks Kaashvi to stop the drama. Arjun tells Mahima that Kaashvi really cares about Karun. Kaashvi tells them to stop fighting. Arjun calls doctor. Kaashvi asks Mahima that don’t the latter know about Karun’s fever. Arjun tauntingly says that Mahima don’t have time for Karun.

Doctor comes there and examines Karun. Kaashvi prays to God for Karun. Mahima scolds Arjun for sending Arjun for a mission. Kaashvi tells Mahima that she and Aditya did not send Arjun for any mission. She says that Arjun and Mahima should behave like parents. She asks Mahima to stop blaming her. And says that she is happy in her marriage life. She adds that marrying Arjun was biggest mistake of her life. Doctor tells them that Karun have fever because of allergy. He asks them to apply ointment on the rashes and leaves from there. Arjun offers to drop Kaashvi but she rejects it.

Next day, Arjun tells Karun that he is going for secret mission. Karun asks Arjun that whether the latter will leave him. Arjun promises to not leave Karun. He reaches Aditya’s house and disguises himself as Sunaina. Karun requests Mahima to apply ointment on his rashes. He says that he want Mahima to stay with him. Mahima scolds him and tells him to go to school. Meanwhile, Vicky calls Arjun and informs him that he saw Aman.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun attacks Aman. Kaashvi tells Mahima that the latter is not Karun’s mother.

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