Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh officially announces his marriage with Preesha

Episode begins with Rudraksh says Saransh will go nowhere, she has legally handovered the custody of Saransh to me. GPS and Vasudha got to know from Bubbles that Preesha can be seen on TV screen. They got to know from TV voiceover that Preesha is in the Khurana house. They decided to go there to meet Preesha.

Rudraksh gives an official statement to the media people that he got married to Preesha and she is not a murderer but his wife and innocent. She is the daughter-in-law of this Khurana house and she will stay with me in this house. Preesha is talking to Yuvraj about the decision of Rudraksh and says that he is asking me to stay here with him as his wife which is impossible for me. Yuvraj says to Preesha that I know it is not easy for you but you have to do it.

Preesha says to Yuvraj do you understand what you are saying? He says I know what I am saying I am not a kid, however you have to stay with him for the sake of Saransh and it is only about six months because court doesn’t approve divorce before six months so you have to manage somehow. Preesha gets nervous that she is not ready for this but she then gets determined that for the sake of Saransh she has to do it.

Mishka gets angry on road rash for humiliating her in front of so many people when Rudraksha comes inside the room with his mum and dad to discuss the matter. Ahana lashes out and retraction for hurting her sister and yourself as well and says how can you marry the murderer of your brother and my husband?

Rudraksh says I didn’t forgot anything, this is why I married her because somehow I can guess that her family will save her from getting hanged. Her father was an ex-judge so of course he can save her using his powers. See that is what happened and he is free from jail after 4-5 days and lost almost nothing.

It is us who lost everything forever and now I want to go through a torturous life so that she can understands her fault and can get punished for her deeds. Preesha also says to her parents that she will do everything for Saransh and she has to make Rudraksha agree to give her back the custody of him so that she can get out of this forceful marriage.

The family members finally Inc read and understand the viewpoint of Rudraksh behind marrying Preesha and they got convinced. Ahana promises to Mishka that I will take revenge for your each and every tears.

Preesha stays back at Khurana house and Balraj says to her that you can live in this house but you will never be able to be a part of this family. Rudrakshsays to Saransh that you can go and sleep with your grandmother today because Preesha will come with me in my room and I have a surprise for which I do not want to give in front of you.

Saransh agrees and he goes away when Rudraksh drags Preesha inside his room. He says we are husband wife now and you need to behave like a wife to me.

Precap – Rudraksh goes close to Preesha in the night.