Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st January 2020 Written Update: Rajiv breathes his last remembering Rudraksh, Saransh and Mahima

Episode begins with Rajiv is lying unconscious on the road and Yuvraj comes out of his car to check if he has died or not. He comes near him and check his body with his boot to confirm that he is not moving at all. Rudraksha on the other hand is getting restless for his brother and he is thinking how to contact with him because his subconscious mind is not giving him a good feeling.

Balraj comes to Bunty and says that you will go back to Rudraksh and will inform him that you had a talk with Rajeev and he only informed you that he will be coming in 30 minutes. Another side, Yuvraj say yes to Rajiv that you are going to you ruin my life and I killed you. So now go and expose me in front of pressure and the entire world. Yuvraj gives a cunning smile of victory that he is successful in killing of Rajiv the only obstacle in his path and goes back to his car. However, Rajiv is not yet died and when Yuvraj goes away from there and he gets to hear the sound of the car start, he opens his eyes and tries to go near his car.

Yuvraj goes ahead a pretty much distance but unfortunately he noticed Rajiv moving through his side mirror. He made in U turn to come back and hits Rajiv again with his car but by the time Rajiv gets into his own car and starts it. Yuvraj and Rajiv are chasing each other on the road while Rudraksh is performing in the concert the favourite song of Rajiv as it is the last song of the evening and he wants to dedicate it to his lovely brother. On the other hand, pressure is trying to locate Yuvraj so that she can reach out to him as she is fearing that may be he is in some danger. Rajiv is feeling drowsy while driving because of the head due to the head of the car by Yuvraj. However the quest of meeting his son Saransh, he is keeping the will alive so that he can go out from this situation and meet his son.

Rudraksha is performing on the song and his family members are enjoying while is mother is worried because she knows that Balraj asked Bunty to lied to Rudraksh about Rajiv. Rajeev successfully dance is called in an opposite direction before Yuvraj can locate him and gets collided with some stones and boulders kept on the road. Exercise to look for his mobile phone but is not able to get it. He decided to call Rudraksh so that he can come and rescue him from this situation. However Yuvraj comes there and hits him again with his car and to make sure he dies this time is simply roll over his car on Rajiv. Rajiv apologizes to Saransh for not able to fulfill his promise and say that finally, I can be with Mahima and breathes his last.

Precap – Rudraksh gets to know about the accident of Rajiv and he threatens Preesha