Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st October 2021 Written Update: Vasudha and Gopal supports Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with CCTV footage proves that Armaan didn’t kill Sania. Police inspector shows the CCTV footage of Rudraksh entering Sania’s room which happened after Sania’s death. And only Preesha was present in that room when Sania’s death happened and even Preesha has motive to kill Sania. Rudraksh tells her that he knows Preesha and she could not kill anyone and moreover she is a Doctor too. She tells him that Preesha is a wife also and Sania’s neck cut was sharp and only Doctor can do that. She reminds him that Preesha already confessed her crime and his meeting time is over. Rudraksh asks Preesha to trust him because he will prove her innocence.

Armaan asks Rudraksh that what Police saying. Rudraksh tries to attack him and tells him that he knows that the latter killed Sania. Armaan tells him that he would have killed him if he wanted to kill anyone then and he is sure that Preesha took the blame to save the latter. Rudraksh tells him about CCTV footages but he will prove her innocence no matter what. He warns him to stay away from Preesha and leaves from there.

Saaransh and Anvi tells Vasudha that they want to watch TV. Sharda is about to switch on the TV but Sharda snatches the remote from her and lies to her about wire sparks. She sends Kids to their room and asks Sharda that why the latter lying because wire is totally fine. Sharda tells her that she don’t want Kids to watch TV and switch on the TV. Vasudha learns about Preesha’s arrest and asks Sharda that what’s all this. Sharda tells her everything. Vasudha tells her that they should go to Shimla to support their children.

Lawyer tells Rudraksh that he tried his best but Judge is not ready to give bail for Preesha and moreover she should not have confessed that she killed Sania. He says to him that he don’t want to give any false hopes and Preesha need to stay in jail until the court hearing.

Preesha refuses to eat and asks Police to give permission to talk to Rudraksh. Police inspector gives permission. Meanwhile, Rudraksh drinks and tells himself that he failed to get Preesha out of jail. Preesha calls Rudraksh and asks him that where is he and she just have three minutes to talk to him. She realises that he is crying and asks him to not lose hope. He informs her that he could not get bail for her. Police tells Preesha that time is over. Rudraksh sees Vasudha, Sharda and Kids and falls on the bed.

Next day, Sharda tells Rudraksh that everything will be fine. He cries saying that he is not understanding that what he should do. She asks him to not lose hope and reminds him that how Preesha saved him in the past. She asks him to bring Preesha home. He tells her that till now Preesha have fought for him and this time he will cross all the obstacles. Vasudha and Gopal tells Rudraksh that they are with him in this fight. Later, Rudraksh and Gopal meets the Lawyer. Lawyer tells them that lot of evidence exists against Preesha so it’s not easy to win the case. Rudraksh decides to find evidence to prove Preesha’s innocence.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gopal asks Rudraksh that what Armaan doing in Shimla. He threatens Mr. Ahuja to tell the truth.

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