Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Bhuvan asks Mahima to save him from Police

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh finds the truck driver who gave lift to him and they gives their statement to Police inspector saying they gave lift to Rudraksh and his condition was really bad that time and he was not even aware about the date. Ahana asks does Rudraksh remember how he reached here.

Rudraksh shows the place where he regained his consciousness and says he doesn’t remember how he reached there. They reaches one place following the path but they doesn’t gets any clue.

Police inspector asks Rudraksh that does he remember anything seeing this place. Preesha prays to God to help them to get any clue. Everyone was about to leave from there there but Preesha notices chole bhature shop and stops them and moves towards that shop. She buys one plate chole bhature.

Ahana says Preesha become mad and she is wasting their time. Preesha says maybe from this shop only Kidnapper used to buy chole bhature. Rudraksh tastes it and says this have the same taste.

Chole bhature vendor sees Rudraksh and says today he came early. Preesha asks does he know him pointing at Rudraksh. Chole bhature vendor says Rudraksh is his permanent customer who comes to his shop daily at 3’o clock and says he even came yesterday. Preesha says within 30minutes Duplicate Rudraksh will come here so they has to wait for him. Ahana suggests them to hide. Rudraksh says he won’t leave the murderer who killed Balraj.

Bhuvan comes there and orders one plate chole bhature. He sees the Police and tries to run from there but Rudraksh catches him. Everyone shocks seeing Rudraksh’s lookalike. Rudraksh says now Bhuvan can’t deceive anyone. Police inspector warns him to not run away.

Rudraksh beats Bhuvan and asks why he murdered Balraj to help Mahima that too just for money. Police inspector tells Bhuvan to help them to catch Mahima. Preesha tells Police inspector to do encounter. Police inspector was about to shoot Bhuvan but he gets afraid seeing gun and agrees to cooperate with them to catch Mahima.

Bhuvan shows the place where they kept Rudraksh till now. Police inspector asks who told him to kidnap Rudraksh. Bhuvan says he doesn’t know anything. Preesha says they knows that it’s Mahima who ordered him. Police inspector tells Constable to file case against Bhuvan and arrests him. Bhuvan thinks how to escape from and says he need to use washroom and escapes through window. Preesha says Bhuvan is the only proof they have against Mahima so they has to catch him no matter what.

Bhuvan says only Mahima can save him now and calls her. Mahima tells the Lawyer to come tomorrow and read Balraj’s will in front of everyone if anyone went against it then she will handle it. Bhuvan tells Mahima that Preesha found him and Police too saw him. Mahima scolds him for not leaving the city and asks him to meet her. Public sees Bhuvan and takes selfie with him assuming him as Rudraksh. Preesha, Rudraksh comes there but Bhuvan runs from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima gives poison to Bhuvan.

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