Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh takes a oath

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha asks Gopal that how his accident happened. Gopal says he was returning to home two days back and something hit his head. She asks who brought him to the hospital. Nurse says public brought him to hospital,they didn’t get any mobile or wallet with him so they could not able to contact his family. She says he told the address after coming to conscious. Preesha asks about scan reports. Nurse says everything is normal. Vasudha asks can they discharge Gopal. Nurse says Gopal has to stay today. Yuvraj asks Preesha about Gopal’s health. She says he is fine now, the next day they can discharge him, now he is taking rest. Vasudha asks Preesha to leave to home saying she will stay in hospital. Preesha asks how Vasudha can handle alone, she will stay with her.

Vasudha says Preesha has to search Saaransh too, now Gopal is fine, she will take care of him, Preesha need not to worry about him. Yuvraj says Vasudha is right, Saaransh is missing from last two days, finding him is more important, he asks her to accompany him to search Saaransh. Preesha asks Yuvraj to stay with Vasudha. Yuvraj asks how Preesha will search Saaransh that too alone. Rudraksh says she is not alone, he is with her and they will find Saaransh together. Yuvraj curses Rudraksh in his mind and thinks Preesha too seems different recently. Rudraksh and Preesha leaves from hospital. Sharda asks Preesha about Gopal. Preesha says Gopal doing well now. Sharda asks Rudraksh that did he file a complaint against Balraj. Rudraksh replies he didn’t. Preesha says if they file a complaint then Balraj will get angry. Rudraksh says Balraj will vent out his anger on Saaransh, he can even kill Saaransh to get away from the law.

Preesha wakes up late and searches her mobile. Rudraksh prays to God that nothing should happen with Saaransh. He says he will do anything to save him, he is ready to sacrifice his favorite thing that is flirting with girls. Preesha overhears that. Rudraksh sees Preesha and asks did she heard everything. Preesha says she tried to hear him but didn’t able to do. She thinks his secret will be safe with her and wonders how he will stay without flirting with girls. In hospital, Gopal gets angry seeing Yuvraj and yells at him. Vasudha says they break the relationship with Yuvraj but he helped them. She says he is the one who helped her when no one was there for her. Yuvraj says everyone just tried to trap him, he did nothing. He says he gave the remaining five lakhs to society people. Vasudha and Gopal shocks hearing him. Yuvraj says he can’t tolerate when someone points finger at Gopal. Gopal gets melted hearing him. Sharda gives Preesha’s mobile to her. She notices Rudraksh and Preesha talking normally with each other and says this is what Saaransh wanted. Gopal says thanks to Yuvraj. Vasudha asks Gopal to forget old things. Yuvraj asks him to bless him saying that’s what he wants in his life.

Yuvraj calls Preesha and asks about Saaransh. Preesha asks him about Gopal. He says after doing few tests he will be discharged. He asks did any call came from Kidnapper. She says no. He asks how Saaransh kidnapped in first place when her house security is so strong. He Preesha that definitely someone from Rudraksh’s family would have kidnapped Saaransh. Preesha thinks what will happen if he gets to know that Balraj is the one who kidnapped Saaransh. He says he will file a complaint and cuts the call. She says she has to stop him. She tells Rudraksh that Yuvraj going to file a complaint against him and his family.

Rudraksh head hits with Preesha’s head accidentally. She asks him to hit again because she needs more good luck now. He does what she asked. Rudraksh and Preesha reaches hospital. Preesha shocks seeing Rudraksh not flirting with girl even though he got chance to do.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police comes to Khurana house to arrest Rudraksh. Preesha asks Police to arrest him.