Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh and Pihu works together to prove Raj innocence

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh and Vanshika reaches Kalindi’s house. Vanshika holds Rudraksh’s hand seeing Preesha there. He tells her that it’s time to focus on proving Raj, innocent. He asks Pihu that what are they doing there. Pihu tells him that she knows Kalindi lied so she came to talk to her. She informs him that Kalindi left the house with luggage. Rudraksh calls Police inspector and tells him that Kalindi is missing. Police inspector tells him that they knows Kalindi’s location but they can’t tell him for Kalindi’s safety and disconnects the call.

Pihu asks that how they are going to find Kalindi now. Rudraksh asks Preesha that if she also trust Raj. Preesha nods at him. Vanshika tells Rudraksh that she is with him and everything will be fine. Pihu tells Rudraksh that she want to talk to him alone. She takes him aside. She asks him to help her to prove Raj’s innocence. He tells her that he trust Raj completely. They decides to work together. He decides to talk to Private investigator. He leaves from there with Vanshika.

After some time, Private investigator gives Kalindi’s location to Rudraksh. Rudraksh informs Pihu that he found Kalindi’s location. He asks her to bring Preesha there. Next day, Pihu informs Preesha that Rudraksh found Kalindi’s location. Preesha asks her that when they are going. She says that they can’t tell the truth to Armaan. Pihu lies to Armaan that she and Preesha planned girls day out. Armaan asks them to take Kanchan with them. Kanchan says that she has to go for kitty party. Preesha and Pihu leaves the house.

Outside the hotel, Rudraksh wonders that if Preesha will come. Vanshika tells him that Pihu will bring Preesha for sure. Pihu and Preesha comes there. Fans gets autograph from Rudraksh. They takes selfies with him. Preesha gets annoyed seeing that. Pihu asks her that if the latter is jealous. Preesha says that she is just feeling bad for Vanshika. Vanshika tells her that she don’t care about all this. She says that Rudraksh worked hard to reach this place so he deserves all this love. She says that when Rudraksh is with her, his focus is on her only. Preesha gets annoyed hearing her. Vanshika tells Rudraksh that Preesha getting jealous. They enters the hotel.

Pihu asks that how they are going to find Kalindi’s room number. Rudraksh says that his charming smile will help them to find Kalindi’s room number. He goes to Receptionist and he flirts with her. He asks her about Kalindi’s room number. She refuses to tell him. Preesha taunts him. Rudraksh thinks that this is how his old Preesha used to behave. He suggests to wait in the lobby. They waits for Kalindi. Pihu says that Kalindi has not arrived yet. Preesha tells her that Kalindi will come. Pihu spots Kalindi and she informs about it to other people. They goes to Kalindi. Kalindi asks them that what are they doing there.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Preesha tells Rudraksh that she will pay for her and Pihu’s room. Armaan wonders that what Preesha doing in the hotel. Rudraksh tries to sneak into Kalindi’s room through window but slips.  

Episode begins with Armaan says that he already called the Police. Rudraksh scolds him for calling the Police. Armaan says that Raj deserves punishment for his wrongdoing. Police comes there and they arrests Raj. Raj tells Rudraksh that he did nothing. Rudraksh tells him that he trust him. He says that Raj won’t be punished for the crime he never committed. Police takes Raj from there. Rudraksh follows them. Pihu is about to follow them. Armaan scolds her. Preesha tells him that maybe Raj is innocent so they should go to the Police station.

After some time, police inspector reveals that they found blood in Raj’s nail. Raj says that he don’t know what’s happening. Police inspector says that DNA report will prove everything. He says that it’s a non-bailable crime. They puts Raj behind bars. Armaan asks Pihu to stay away from Khuranas. Pihu thinks that she knows Raj is innocent.

Later, Rudraksh asks Raj that what happened. Raj tells him that he was going to washroom and someone pushed him in the room and made him scratch that person. He says that room was so dark and he could not see any thing properly. He says that he tried to open the door and they came. Rudraksh wonders that why Kalindi doing all this. He asks him to not worry about anything.

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