Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh spend time beside an unconscious Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha recalls that how Rudraksh gifted her Lord Krishna’s idol on Janmasthami day. She tells him that she wished to have Lord Krishna’s idol in the house and he fulfilled her wish. She asks him that how he came with this idea suddenly. He tells her that their hearts are connected so he heard her wish. He says that this idol will keep her happy in life. She tells him that her happiness is him. She says that idol will make sure that they are together always. She hugs him. She comes to reality and she feels uneasy. Rudraksh and Armaan notices that. Armaan holds Preesha when she faints. He lifts her up and takes her to a room.

In the outhouse, Rudraksh hopes that Preesha is fine. He asks kids that did they crossed the limits. Saaransh tells him that he is sure that Preesha remembered something. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha faints whenever she sees him but today he was standing behind her. Saaransh tells him that all this happened because of idol. Rudraksh says that everything can go wrong if they cross the limits. Ruhi tells him that Preesha will be fine. She says that Preesha remembered something so it’s a good thing.

On the other hand, Digvijay asks Armaan that how is Preesha. Armaan tells him that he had given medicine to Preesha so she will wake up tomorrow. Digvijay says that he is not understanding why Preesha fainted when Rudraksh was not around her. Armaan tells him that Preesha fainted after seeing Lord Krishna’s idol. He says that he is sure that idol is connected to Rudraksh in some way. He adds that he must get a proof that Prem working for Rudraksh.

Rudraksh says that he want to check on Preesha. But kids stops him. They goes to the kitchen and asks food from Kanchan. Kanchan tells servant to give sandwich to kids and leaves from there. Ruhi hides in the house. Saaransh returns to outhouse. Ruhi goes to Preesha’s room once everyone sleeps. She hugs Preesha.

She opens the window. Rudraksh and Saaransh comes there through window. Rudraksh apologizes to Preesha. Saaransh hits the flower vase and it falls down. Rudraksh asks him to be careful. Ruhi says that they should return. Saaransh hits the decorative piece and it falls down. Armaan hears the noise and he decides to check it. Khuranas escapes from Preesha’s room. Armaan enters Preesha’s room. He finds Prem’s scarf there.

Next day, Pihu asks Preesha that how is the latter feeling now. Preesha tells her that she is feeling better. Pihu tells her that she can see that the latter is worried. Preesha tells her that she recalled something yesterday. She says that Rudraksh had gifted her a Lord Krishna’s idol. And the most shocking matter is she was happy with Rudraksh in her memory. Prem overhears their conversation. He asks Preesha to have a faith in Lord Krishna. Armaan overhears everything. He thinks that he was right about Prem. He decides to teach a lesson to Prem. He enters the room with Prem’s scarf. Prem says that yesterday he came to water the plants. He takes the scarf and leaves the room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha asks Prem that how he knows that she is allergic to flowers. Armaan watches the CCTV footage of Rudraksh and Preesha celebrating Janmasthami. He notices that both Lord Krishna’s idol are same. He takes Preesha to Khurana mansion and shows Lord Krishna’s idol to her. He says that Rudraksh and Prem are connected.

Episode begins with Digvijay drags Prem out of the house. Ruhi stops Digvijay. She tells him that Prem did not stole Lord Krishna’s idol. He tells her that she is a kid and don’t know anything. He asks her that who else stole it if it’s not Prem. She points at Armaan. She says that Armaan has Lord Krishna’s idol. Armaan asks her that why she is talking nonsense. He says that they should throw kids also out of the house. Ruhi says that she is telling the truth and she has proof to prove her point. She shows the video in which Armaan hiding the Lord Krishna’s idol in his cupboard.

She recalls that how she saw Armaan recording Prem. She records everything in her mobile. She tells Preesha that Prem was switching the Lord Krishna’s idol. Preesha asks Armaan that why he did all this. Armaan tells her that he don’t trust Prem. He says that Prem is involved with Rudraksh. She asks him that why he thinks that Rudraksh is behind everything. She says that Prem is an old man. She requests him to not accuse Prem again. She asks him to bring Lord Krishna’s idol. Raj tells himself that he is glad Ruhi handled everything and leaves from there.

Preesha apologizes to Prem. She asks him that why he switched Lord Krishna’s idol. Prem tells her that he feels like they are his family members. He says that his Lord Krishna’s idol is lucky one. He adds that he wanted his Lord Krishna’s idol to bring luck to Preesha. He tells her that he did not stole her Lord Krishna’s idol. He reveals that where he kept Kanchan’s Lord Krishna’s idol. Kanchan finds her Lord Krishna’s idol. She shows it to everyone. She asks Prem that why he did not said the truth earlier. Prem tells her that Armaan did not give a chance to tell the truth. He blesses Ruhi for proving his innocence. He hugs kids.

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