Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Arjun seeks Vicky’s help

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaashvi calls Sunaina and asks her to come home. She informs Sunaina that Aditya went to Hyderabad so she is alone and she need help. She disconnects the call. Arjun tells Vicky that Kaashvi is alone so Aman may try to attack her. He decides to go to Aditya’s house. Vicky asks Arjun that what the latter will tell to Karun. Arjun tells Vicky that he gave medicine to Karun and Mahima is with Karun. He says that Kaashvi need him. Vicky nods at him. Arjun tells Karun that he can’t play with the latter now because he has to go for mission now. He promises to return soon and leaves from there. Mahima wonders Arjun is going for mission or something else.

After some time, Sunaina enters Aditya’s house. Sushma tells Kaashvi to hire good nurse. She asks Sunaina that why the latter came. Arjun thinks that he has to do something else he can’t protect Kaashvi.

Meanwhile, Romila asks Mahima that how the latter is calm. She says that DNA test report will come today evening and result will be same. Mahima says that she won’t lose against Kaashvi easily. She adds that she changed the game in her favor.

Sunaina requests Sushma to not say like that. She says that she has to take care of her mother and her siblings. And says that she can’t give food to her family without money. She accepts that she made mistake. She adds that will go and beg for money. She moves towards the door. Kaashvi asks Sushma to stop Sunaina. Sushma stops Sunaina and asks her to stop the drama. Sunaina tells thanks to her. Sushma warns Sunaina to not take leave again.

In the hospital, Mahima asks Kaashvi to not worry because they will learn the diagnose of Karun. They receives the report. Mahima recalls that how she gave Kaashvi’s hair sample for DNA test. Kaashvi asks Mahima to go to Doctor and show the report. Mahima tells her that she is Karun’s mother and obviously she cares about Karun. Kaashvi leaves from there. Mahima thinks that she won’t let Kaashvi win.

Sushma tells Sunaina that she is feeling better because of massage. She asks Sunaina to bring the latter’s mother there. Kaashvi agrees with Sushma. Later, Arjun tells Vicky that he need mother badly. Vicky takes Arjun to drama company to hire an actress. Everyone refuses to act in home. Arjun asks Vicky to become Sunaina’s mother. Vicky refuses. But Arjun convinces Vicky. Vicky lies to his family that he is going to Delhi.

Sunaina takes her mother Gayatri to Sushma. Kaashvi is upset because Aditya did not call her. Arjun learns about it. He tells Vicky that something is fishy with Aditya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun learns about Aditya’s lie. Karun says that Gayatri looks familiar. Kaashvi finds Aman.

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