Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Samrat files an attempt to murder case on Mohit and Ishani

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nayantara calls Ishani but no response from other side. So she calls Malati and learns about Mohit and Ishani’s arrest. She tells her mother that Samrat is behind the arrest and Aliya is not fine. She disconnects the call saying that she will visit police station. Doctor tells Samrat and Revati that Aliya is paralysed for life. Revati asks Doctor to treat Aliya. Samrat asks Doctor that when Aliya will become fine. Doctor tells him that they may have to operate Aliya but she can’t give any guarantee and leaves from there.

Samrat tells Aliya that he won’t spare the person who is responsible for her condition. Nayantara hears everything. Samrat notices Nayantara and he drags her inside the room. He tells her that Aliya is in this condition due to the latter’s planning and plotting. He asks her to see what he does with Mohit and Ishani. She tells him that it was not Ishani and Mohit’s mistake. He tells her that he don’t even want to see her face and throws her out of the room.

After some time, Nayantara meets Mohit and Ishani in the jail. Ishani tells Nayantara that she is not understanding that why they are getting blamed for Aliya’s suicide attempt. Nayantara tells them about Aliya’s condition. Mohit tells her that Aliya was crazy since beginning that’s why he did not want to stay with her. He says that Samrat and Revati fulfills Aliya’s all the wishes. Nayantara tells him that she is feeling bad for Aliya. She says that Samrat is doing all this. She assures Ishani that she will do something for their release.

Samrat comes there and informs them that he is changing his complaint from abetment of suicide to attempt to murder case. He thinks that Revati was right. He recalls that how Revati told him to change the case so Mohit and Ishani rot in jail permanently. Revati tells him that Nayantara is also responsible for Aliya’s condition so Nayantara should be punished too.

Nayantara tells Police inspector that this is wrong. She says that Aliya took this decision because she became weak and that’s not Mohit and Ishani’s mistake. Samrat says that Mohit and Ishani mentally tortured Aliya deliberately. Police inspector agrees to file case against Mohit and Ishani. Nayantara tells Ishani that she will do something. Samrat tells her that she don’t have time to do something and he takes her from there.

Nayantara asks Samrat to stop the car. Samrat tells her that she did not witness his madness yet. Meanwhile, Malati and Grandma meets Ishani and Mohit in the jail. Samrat takes Nayantara to the hospital. He tells her to become care taker for Aliya because she is his wife. He says that he may decrease the punishment of Mohit and Ishani if Nayantara did her job well then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Samrat goes to bring Aliya’s medicines. He returns and gets shocked seeing Aliya standing. Nayantara decides to meet a lawyer.

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