Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj plans against Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha meets Gopal. He searches Saaransh and asks why didn’t she bring Saaransh with her, when he specifically mentioned to Vasudha that he wants to see him. Preesha says it’s pandemic that’s why she could not bring him. Vasudha asks him to take rest. Preesha teasingly says he won’t get discharged if he doesn’t rests then. Vasudha prays for Saaransh’s safety. Rudraksh gets some message and asks Preesha to accompany him saying they get to know Saaransh’s location. Preesha asks Vasudha to take care of her and Gopal. Vasudha asks her to call her once she got to know about Saaransh.

Preesha asks where are they going. Rudraksh says he was trying to track Balraj and now get to know about that. Rudraksh says they searched every possible places still didn’t get him. Preesha gets worried for Saaransh. He asks her to think positive saying nothing will happen to him. They reaches home. Rudraksh asks Sharda that why she called him urgently. He sees Police inspector there and asks about Saaransh. Mishka says Police is here for his case not Saaransh case. Ahana says there is a complaint against him, so Police is here to arrest him. Rudraksh asks what complaint and who gave that. Priyanka says she gave the complaint because Rudraksh tried to molest her.

Rudraksh shocks hearing her and asks why she is accusing him when nothing happened like that in real. He says he doesn’t know who is she. Police inspector says Rudraksh have to go to police station with him. Rudraksh says he did nothing. Police inspector says court will decide that. Ahana says now what they will do even Balraj is not here to help. Preesha thinks she knows Rudraksh did nothing then why the girl is lying.

Yuvraj recalls how he saw Rudraksh avoiding Priyanka. He gets confused thinking why Rudraksh is not flirting and plans to trap him with her. Priyanka too agrees with him for money. He gets happy thinking that Police would have arrested Rudraksh already. Rudraksh asks Priyanka why she is blaming him when he doesn’t even know her name. Priyanka says why will he remember her in front of Police inspector and says her name is Priyanka and how he used to call her Priyu.

Preesha says how can he play with a girl. Rudraksh asks how can she believe Priyanka instead of him. Preesha says she knows how he is that’s why. She tells Priyanka that girls are Rudraksh’s weakness and apologize to her. She asks Police inspector to take Rudraksh with him and asks him to make sure that he gets the severe punishment. Ahana murmurs to Mishka to save Rudraksh to get close to him. Mishka says Preesha is wrong but she believes Rudraksh, he will never do that. She says she will get him out of the jail. He asks her to stop saying he is not going anywhere and Priyanka is lying. He asks Preesha to believe him. Preesha says she doesn’t trust him but trusts Priyanka and asks her to tell her everything. Preesha proves that Priyanka is lying and asks Police inspector to take her.

Vasudha thinks how can she pay this much big amount, seeing the hospital bill. She calls Yuvraj and asks him to help her for paying the bill. Yuvraj says he is busy now and will reach the hospital later and will pay the bill payment for sure. Rudraksh praises Preesha’s plan and thanks her. Priyanka confesses that she was lying and Rudraksh did nothing. She says someone gave money to do this and apologize to him. He forgives her. Yuvraj shocks seeing Priyanka with Police and gets angry. Rudraksh says he can’t believe that Preesha saved him. He asks why she saved him. She says he is not that bad.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh shocks knowing Preesha went alone to bring Saaransh.