Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Police accuses Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan asks Preesha to not act like innocent in front of him. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha is not acting in fact she is innocent and asks him to find the murderer of Devika instead of blaming her. Armaan warns him to not take Devika’s name and the latter is responsible for her death because it’s him who deceived her and pushes him. Preesha tries to stop him and he warns her to stay out of it. Rudraksh tells him that he won’t tolerate it if the latter again blamed him and Preesha then. And both Armaan and Rudraksh fights with each other. Others tries to stop the fight.

Preesha asks Armaan to not blame Rudraksh because Police finding the murderer. Uncle asks her that how can she take Rudraksh’s side and tauntingly tells her to stay with Rudraksh. Gopal tells him that if the latter have problem with Preesha then she won’t stay there. Anvi asks Preesha that where is she going and she won’t let her leave anywhere. Preesha promises her that she won’t go anywhere and hugs her. She asks her parents and Khurana’s to leave.

Broker calls Rudraksh and asks him to return the key of rent house. Anvi follows Preesha everywhere holding her ‘pallu’. Preesha tells her that she won’t go anywhere leaving her and thinks that she is staying in that house for her only. Rudraksh returns the rent house key to Broker. He sees Ahana, Mishka and wonders that what are they doing there when they should be in London now and knocks the door and asks them that what are they doing there.

Ahana asks him to not yell saying that Krishna sleeping and Krishna is not well that’s why she postponed the trip and he leaves from there. Mishka tells Ahana that she is glad that Rudraksh believed her lie. Ahana recalls that how Lawyer said to her he still need time to finish the work and tells Mishka that staying in India is risky for them so they should reach London before Rudraksh finds out the truth.

Rudraksh reaches Thakur mansion to return Preesha’s stuff and asks her that if she is fine. Police inspector comes there and reveals that one person’s DNA sample match with the skin they found in Devika’s nail. Armaan asks him that who is Devika’s murderer. Police inspector takes Preesha’s name which shocks everyone. Preesha asks him that why she will murder Devika and tells him to take her DNA sample again. Uncle accuses her saying that she murdered Devika for Rudraksh. Rudraksh defends Preesha and asks Armaan to say something, don’t he trust Preesha.

Police inspector asks Preesha to show her hand and questions her about the nail mark. Armaan tells him that Preesha didn’t went to Devika because he told her to not go to Devika and asks Preesha to say something. She tells him that she met Devika to convince her but Devika refused to marry Rudraksh and Devika asked water so she went out of the room and when she returned everything finished.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police arrests Preesha. Rudraksh decides to prove her innocence.

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