Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Pihu slaps Vidyut

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Armaan having ice cream with Pihu and Preesha when Rudra comes there with Ruhi. Armaan sees them and gets scared that Rudra would spot Preesha. Armaan spills ice cream on Preesha’s dress and apologizes her. Preesha says its fine but asks for another ice-cream. Armaan asks her to have his ice-cream as they need to go soon. He says clients were fighting for him and takes them with his car. He manages to take them away without Rudra noting their presence. Rudra brings Ruhi to ice cream parlour and leaves her on the same table where Preesha was and leaves to get ice cream.

 Ruhi spots Preesha’s kerchief and wonders how it came there. She’s about to search Preesha when Rudra comes there. Ruhi hides that she was about to search Mumma as she can give hope to Rudra before confirming. She lies that she wants to go home and Rudra leaves with her.

Ruhi is upset and her brother asks the reason for her sadness. Ruhi shows him the kerchief and says that she spotted their mother’s kerchief on road. Her brother gets shocked and asks what does she mean. She says about finding the kerchief in ice cream parlour and shows it to her brother. He gets excited and is about to go to shops to check but Ruhi reminds him of the time. She asks him to keep it a secret from Rudra. They decided to not reveal it unless they confirm it.

Students rush out of chemistry lab and Ruhi asks what happened. A student says that an experiment went wrong in lab and so the whole lab got covered with smoke. Vidyut also comes out and faints due to smoke. Ruhi asks someone to help but none comes forward. She tries waking him up but in vain. She thinks that smoke filled his nostrils and gives him cpr. Everyone video records it. Vidyut wakes up and reveals that it was all his plan to get his revenge on her. He says that everyone video recorded her giving kiss to him and says it would become viral.

 Raj tries saying that what he did was wrong but Vidyut doesn’t listen to him. Ruhi misunderstands Raj to be like Vidyut too and asks him not to pretend. She slaps him and asks everyone whether they video recorded it too. She threatens to complaint Principal about his cheap act and is about to leave. Raj stops her and asks her to end it here instead of making matters but Ruhi doesn’t listen and proceeds to complain.

Ruhi and her brother asks in nearby shops for their mother using her photo but none remembers anything. They gets upset. Raj confronts Vidyut about his behaviour and Vidyut scolds him for taking her side. He says that he’s worried about Rudra but Vidyut asks him to not teach him. He asks the people to viral the video so that she would be ashamed to meet anyone’s eyes. Ruhi and her brother spots CCTV camera in front of the shop and decides to check it.

Ruhi explains whatever happened to Preesha who is outraged with his act. She blames his parenting. Rudra gets call from Principal and agrees to come meet him the next day. Vidyut and Raj comes there and Rudra confronts him about what Principal said. Vidyut says the girl lied but Rudra shows him the viral clip. He lashes out at him for not respecting women.

 Preesha asks Ruhi whether she complained Principal about it. Ruhi says she did and Principal asked him to come with his family member the next day. Preesha also wants to accompany her to confront Vidyut and the family. The kids asks the shopkeeper for viewing the CCTV footage but the shop keeper tries sending them away. The kids pleads them saying that they are searching for their long lost mother.

Precap : Ruhi and her brother spots Preesha in CCTV footage and rejoices. Preesha will come with Ruhi to meet Vidyut’s family and Rudra also comes with Vidyut.

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