Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh confronts Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein Ka 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha shocks hearing Mahima. Mahima says she is alive in front of them because of Saaransh, he was her only hope and she was determined to cure herself for him so she can’t live without him now.

Preesha says she can understand her and her feelings but she lived as Saaransh’s mother till now that’s the issue here because for him she is his mother if he gets to know that’s not true then what will happen to him and says he is kid, it will affect him mentally. Mahima says she understands everything still they has to tell the truth to him saying she stayed away from him for seven years now can’t live without him for a second also, and says she only gave him to her now asking him back and pleads her to return him.

Ahana says she is getting irritated because she can’t go inside the house when she badly wants to go. Mishka tells her to use her brain and come up with any plan. Saaransh says crackers are over so what to do now. Ahana gets idea hearing him and says Mishka kept some crackers in her room to give surprise to him so they has to go inside now. Mishka too understands her plan and nods at him. And they moves towards the house.

Preesha says Mahima is right in her place and she is not able to decide anything putting herself in Saaransh’s place and also she is not thinking about herself in this whole matter. Mahima says she understands that she is being selfish here but she doesn’t has any other choice, without him she can’t live. Preesha tells her to not talk like that, now she is back so should not go anywhere again.

Mahima asks will she help her and says only she can tell the truth to him because she is him till now and understands him very well. She tells her parents to make Preesha understand. Gopal tells her to think by putting herself in Preesha’s place, everything happened suddenly it’s difficult to react now so they has to act thinking a lot. Vasudha says Gopal is right and also Mahima, she stayed away from her son for seven years, it’s not easy for her too. She tells Preesha that only she can reveal the truth to Saaransh that Mahima is his biological mother.

Saaransh enters the house and Preesha asks why he is here when Rudraksh told him to play outside. Saaransh says crackers are over and Ahana said she has more crackers that’s why they are here to take them. Preesha looks at Ahana and tells them to go upstairs then.

Ahana notices Khurana’s are missing and thinks then how can she get to know the truth. Preesha tells Mahima that Rudraksh is Saaransh’s father and she has to talk to him first before she talks to Saaransh even though she doesn’t know how he will react, she has to talk to him. Mahima tells her to keep in mind that she can’t live without Saaransh now.

Preesha struggles to tell Rudraksh that she is not Saaransh’s mother. He says he already knows that she isn’t Saaransh’s biological mother. She asks why he hided this from her if he knows about it then. He says it was such a sensitive matter

and he believed that she has strong reason to hide it from him. She apologize to him and they hugs each other. He says now no one can separate them, so they can live as a family. Preesha says Mahima asking Saaransh back and she is his biological mother also she is alive for him only. He gets angry and says he won’t give Saaransh to anyone and goes to talk to Mahima.

Preesha follows him. Sharda tells Ahana about Mahima and says Saaransh doesn’t know anything. Rudraksh tells Mahima that he respects her because she is Preesha’s sister and he also understands that she faced a lot in her life and he feels bad for that but one thing she should understand that she can’t separate Saaransh from them. Mahima says he didn’t understand her that’s why he is saying this and says she already lost her love and tells him to not shatch her son also.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana reveals Mahima’s truth to Saaransh.

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