Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd October 2022 Written Update: Preesha refuses accept Rudraksh death

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha runs towards the place where blast happened. Raj stops her saying that there is lot of fire. That beggar removes his fake mustache and it turns out to be Armaan. He says that he already said that he will do something which Preesha did not expected. He recalls that how he bribed jail officer to get Preesha’s signature on his parole form. Jail officer gives an outfit and fake wig and fake mustache to Armaan.

Armaan fix bomb on Rudraksh’s car. He thinks that Rudraksh can’t return in his and Preesha’s life. He comes to reality and says that now no one will suspect him because everyone including Preesha thinks that he is in the jail. He says that someone else sleeping on his cell so no one will suspect him in the jail too.

Meanwhile, Preesha says that she want go to Rudraksh. She asks that where is Rudraksh now. Pihu and Vidyut comes there. They goes near the car. Preesha notices Rudraksh’s pagdi and faints.

Next day, Preesha wakes up screaming Rudraksh name. Sharda asks her to handle herself. Police inspector comes there. Preesha asks him that if he got to know anything. He says that he did not find Rudraksh but found few proofs which states that Rudraksh is not alive now. She asks him to not say like that. She says that Rudraksh is alive because she is alive. She asks him to find Rudraksh. Sharda tells Police inspector that they did not find Rudraksh dead body then how can they say Rudraksh is dead.

He says that car pieces fell into nearest lake due to bomb blast force and if it’s car condition then they can imagine what would have happened to human body. He says that Rudraksh body would have fell into the lake like car pieces. Preesha tells him that that’s possible. She says that Rudraksh fell into the lake then he must be safe. He tells her that lake has so much crocodiles. She asks him to search the lake. He tells her that his team searching the lake already. They goes to lake. Everyone says that they could not find anything. Police inspector tells Preesha to accept that Rudraksh is dead.

Next day, Preesha hallucinates Rudraksh. He tells her that they should marry now and leaves from there. She asks him to not go leaving her. Khuranas comes there wearing white outfit. Preesha asks Sharda to stop Rudraksh. Sharda tells her that Rudraksh is dead. She asks her to change outfit. Preesha says that she is a bride. Saaransh shows Rudraksh slipper saying that they got nothing else. Preesha cries ( Sad version title song plays in the background ).

Vidyut tells Pihu that he would have saved Rudraksh if he was with him then. He feels gulity for leaving Rudraksh alone. Pihu consoles him. She says that they have to find out that who is behind the blast.

Police inspector asks Preesha that if she suspect anyone. Preesha tells him about Armaan. Police inspector says that Armaan is in the jail and they freezed his assets.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha says that he won’t spare the person who separated her from Rudraksh. Later, Preesha tells Police inspector that one more person had problem with Rudraksh.

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