Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2024 Written Update: Kaashvi finds Aman

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima asks Karun that who else he want to invite for his birthday party. Karun tells her that they should invite Kaashvi too. She refuses first, but later agrees to invite Kaashvi. He tells her that Kaashvi saved him many times so they should invite Kaashvi personally. They goes to Kaashvi’s home. Karun invites Kaashvi for his birthday party. Sunaina and Gayatri comes there. Karun says that Gayatri looks familiar. Gayatri coughs. Sunaina says that she looks like her mother that’s why Karun feels like this. Kaashvi says that Gayatri is coughing a lot so she will call the doctor. Sunaina tells Kaashvi that no need of that. She takes Gayatri inside.

Karun tells Kaashvi that tomorrow is his birthday. Kaashvi thinks that her child also born on this day, but she don’t have her child with her. She wonders whether Private Investigator will give information about her child or not. She hope that her child lives happily wherever lives. After some time, Kaashvi thinks that Aditya did not call her yet. Sunaina tells Kaashvi that she will do head massage for the latter. She gives head massage to Kaashvi ( Title song plays in the background ).

Kaashvi tells Sunaina that she is feeling better and this touch reminds her past. Sunaina asks what was bothering Kaashvi. Kaashvi says that Aditya is not picking her calls and Aditya did not call her too. Sunaina asks Kaashvi to not worry because Aditya must be busy. Kaashvi tells thanks to Sunaina for head massage and goes to sleep.

Arjun checks flight schedule of Hyderabad and learns that all the flight has been cancelled. He decides to find out what Aditya is hiding. Next day, Sunaina tells Sushma that Aditya’s flight got cancelled. Kaashvi tells Sushma that Aditya went for a mission so he would be used car or anything to reach Hyderabad.

She takes Sunaina outside the room and scolds Sunaina. She says that civil officers goes for a mission many times and they can’t contact family always. She warns Sunaina to do nurse job only and not interfere in personal matters. Sunaina apologizes to Kaashvi and cries. Kaashvi asks Sunaina to not give tension to Sushma. She hope Aditya is safe.

Later, Arjun reaches training center. He notices that he is wearing earrings. He sees Kaashvi coming that way. He removes his earrings. She taunts him for coming to training center. He asks her about Aditya. She tells him that Aditya went for a mission. He decides to find out where is Aditya. She learns that blast happened in safe house. She reaches the house with trainees. She wonders who used gas when this house is not alloted to anyone. She hears a noide and goes inside a room. She sees Aman.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sunaina gives sleeping pills to Sushma to attend Karun’s birthday party. Kaashvi asks Sunaina to accompany her to birthday party.

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