Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh breaks out the news of Rajeev’s death in front of his family

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2020 written updateEpisode begins with inspector is asking pressure to give answers to the interrogations and says now I will ask you questions and you will give me answers to it.

Rudraksh comes at the police station to meet pressure and says I will be here present at the time of interrogation and I will listen to the things she will say. While pressure is giving her statement, Rudraksh gets reminded of all the events that had happened with Rajiv in some past days.

Rudraksh says to the police inspector that pressure is speaking lies and she is hiding the real stuff from everybody. he says she is blackmailing my brother from long time and I know that she is just faking stories. The inspector says I told you not to interfere in my work.

Rudraksha says I will not but please asks her not to speak lies. The inspector says to bring out Rudraksh from the interrogation room. Yuvraj fakes concern for pressure and says I will try to bring you out from this was as soon as possible. On the other hand, Rudraksh reached home when his mother asked for Rajiv as she is waiting for him with the birthday cake.

Rudraksh says to her that Rajiv is no more and I just coming back after seeing his dead body. Balraj Khurana gets stand to hear this along with the mother of Rajiv. She asked Rudraksh is he drunk to say such a baseless thing?

Rudraksh says my brother is no more and both mother and son breaks out in crying while Balraj tries to contact Ahana but she is drunk to take the call and enjoyed with her sister.

Saransh is running on the empty road when he gets collided with a woman.the person running behind Saransh hides behind a tree. He is able to recognise the woman to be the police sub inspector who is roaming around in the streets in normal dress so that no one can recognise her. He runs away from their while silence says to her that he is lost and is looking for his parents. She brought him in the same Police station where pressure and shivraj are present as well.

Saransh noticed pressure and he runs up to her and asks why she is in this state. pressure is trying to calm him down when precious parents also reached the police station after the phone call conversation of them with Yuvraj.

Before pressure can say anything challenge says in front of that Vasudha is saying that because of him, pressure is not getting married all this while and if he is not in the life of pressure, then it will be much more easier. Vasudha tries to explain her situation and asks for an apology from Saransh. Yuvraj fakes an entire different story in front of Vasudha and GPS about the whole incident and how pressure got framed in it. He says that before I can understand anything ok everything happened in front of my eyes.

Precap – GPS enquires from Preesha about the real truth.