Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh starts to annoy Preesha at every moment

Episode begins with Rudraksha brings the ingredients required for breakfast so that Preesha can make it for Saransh. Both Rudraksha and Preesha bring the food items for Saransh on the table and he starts to eat as he is hungry. The mother of Rudraksh says to Saransh you can sit and eat the food as standing while consuming food is not good.

Preesha asks Saransh to have his food while she is going upstairs to take her purse. Rudraksh stopped her and asks where are you going now? She says I have to go back to my clinic because it had been long that I didn’t visit there and moreover, I want to resume my job.

Rudraksh goes and brings mop and bucket for her and says I have better jobs for you, just clean this house as I fired all the housemaids so now as a daughter -in-law you have to take care of the household chores. Preesha understands that his motive is to touch her so that she can get fed up with him and leaves the house without Saransh.

She stars to do things when Saransh says how will my mother do all these work alone? I will also help her and he starts to do the job along with Preesha and Yuvraj didn’t stop him at all. On the other side, Vasudha and GPS visit the house of Rudraksh to give away Preesha her stuff and clothes and they get shocked to see the state of their daughter and grandson.

Balraj says to GPS if you are having problem with the way we are behaving with your daughter then you can take her away from here, we will not stop you. Saransh says to his mother that he can’t live without her so she shouldn’t go away leaving him alone here.

Preesha says to her parents that they should go away from hello she will manage herself. She comes out with them and says it is just a plan of Rudraksh tochan me like this so that I went out of this house without branch and he can keep him for the entire life.

She promised to herself that I will not go away from this house without my son and I have to take back the custody from rudraksh and he will give me and that is a promise. Preesha tries to put her stuff in almirah of Rudraksha stocks and shares I have no space left in my cupboard.

Preesha shows him the space, he kept some files inside the cupboard to fill the vacant place and says now it is no more vacant and both of them shows attitude to each other. Yuvraj check his bank account and find out that all his accounts have very minimal balance amount and also his credit card limit is over.

Hey understand that he is almost finished financially and as he is not able to practice his lawyer ship, he has to grab the trust fund of Saransh by anyway. he calls Preesha to have a talk with her again so that she comes under his influence but she says to him directly that it will be better if he doesn’t call her anymore and she is busy looking for a school for Saransh online. Yuvraj gets offended with this.

Precap – GPS filed a police complaint against Khurana family.