Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh apologizes to Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda says that Preesha saved Rudraksh’s life and she should thank her for that. Preesha says that she did it for her family. Gopal agrees with her. Sharda says that it looks like someone don’t want their family to be happy. Ruhi asks Preesha that if Rudraksh is fine. Preesha tells her that Rudraksh is really fine and he is just taking some rest. Saaransh says that he is ready to do anything for Rudraksh. Preesha tells everyone to go and take some rest. Others leaves the room.

Next day, Preesha wakes up and wonders that who fixed her Mehndi because it got ruined last night. She searches Rudraksh and he enters the room. She tells him that he should have woken her up. She asks him that how is he now. He tells her that he would have died if his wife had not saved him then. He says that he would have stopped breathing if his wife was not there for him then. He sees her Mehndi and asks her that didn’t she wanted like this. She understands that he fixed the Mehndi. He recalls that how he woke up and fixed her Mehndi.

He tells her that he is not angry at her now because he understood that she had a big reason to hide about Rajeev’s murder. He adds that she didn’t betray him and she was saving their family from sadness by hiding the truth from them. He asks her that why he gets angry at her even though she was not wrong. She tells him that he loves her and he was not wrong in his place. She accepts that she made mistake. He says that he accused her instead of understanding her. She tells him that he was in pain and hugs him. They apologizes to each other.

Kids comes there and gets happy seeing their parents patch up. Revati sees everything and says that the more she tries to break this family, the more they are getting close. She wonders that what kind of family is this. She says that she won’t let them be happy. She adds that now kids are her target because kids are Rudraksh and Preesha’s weakness. She plans to do something during sangeet ceremony.

After some time, Rudraksh and Preesha practices for sangeet ceremony. Designer brings sangeet outfits. Rudraksh says that Preesha gained lot of weight so this outfit won’t fit her. She tries to wear it to prove him wrong and he tries to stop her and they tears the dress. She gets mad at him and refuses to marry him.

Revati goes to Saaransh’s room to keep a parcel but she fails because of Ruhi. Rudraksh asks Preesha to listen him once. She tells him that he should compliment her instead of complaining. He tells her that she looks more beautiful in anger. She says that she has nothing to wear for sangeet. He shows her new outfit to her. Later, Revati tries to keep the parcel in Saaransh’s room. Gopal and Saaransh goes to Saaransh’s room and finds Revati there.

Episode ends.

Precap – The police stops the sangeet ceremony. Ruhi asks Revati that what Police searching in their house. She finds Revati’s parcel and faints.

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