Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th October 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh learns about Preesha’s death

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with one truck hits Preesha’s van and blast happens. Constable calls Police inspector and informs her about an accident. On the other hand, Sharda stays in the house to take care of Saaransh and Vasudha leaves for court. In the court, Rudraksh and Gopal waits for Preesha. Vasudha comes there and asks them about Preesha. Rudraksh picks Police inspector’s call and asks her that where is she now. She tells him everything and he drops the mobile in shock. Gopal takes the mobile and asks Police inspector that what happened. She tells him that Preesha is no more which shocks the latter.

After some time, Rudraksh and Srinivasan’s reaches the accident spot. Rudraksh asks Police that where is his Preesha. Police inspector tells them that only skeleton is left because of the blast. They finds Preesha’s anklet from that skeleton. Rudraksh cries and tells that Preesha can’t leave him. He tells them that his heart says that this is not his Preesha and he didn’t kept fasting for this. Vasudha asks him to accept that Preesha is no more and cries hugging him.

Meanwhile, Armaan reaches somewhere and sees Preesha sleeping. He tells her that she is dead for this world but she is alive just for him and now they are going to live together. He splashes water on her face and she wakes up and asks him that where is she now. She tells him that she need to reach the court on time for hearing and who brought her there. He tells her that he is behind her kidnap. He recalls that how his Goons kidnapped Preesha and put the skeleton in the van. He tells her everything. She asks him that how can he do this with her.

She tells him that she knows that what kind of person he is because Rudraksh told her everything. He reveals that she is pregnant that’s why he brought her there. She recalls that how she stopped Rudraksh when he tried to consummate with her and also how convinced her for consummation. She realises that she is pregnant with Rudraksh’s child but he don’t remember their consummation.

Rudraksh wonders that how he is going to inform Sharda and Saaransh about Preesha’s death. Media questions him about Preesha’s death. Police inspector asks them to not disturb him. Preesha asks Armaan that how he knows that she is pregnant. He tells her that he was trying to find out about Sania’s murderer using his source and learnt that the latter is pregnant. He recalls that how he met Police inspector because she is his friend. She tells him that Rudraksh has evidence to prove Preesha’s innocence and also about Preesha’s pregnancy.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan reveals to Preesha that he knows that Rudraksh was planning to use Sunil to prove her innocence. Anvi learns about Preesha’s death and she informs about it to Saaransh. Other side, Preesha thinks that she can’t live without Rudraksh and Saaransh.

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