Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th January 2024 Written Update: Arjun blackmails Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun tells Kaashvi that she loves him but she don’t want to accept it. Kaashvi tells him that she don’t love him and his touch don’t affect her at all. He tells her that she is lying. He asks her that whether her heart beat like this when Aditya touches her. She tells him that she don’t like his touch. He tells her that Karun told him that how she got worried about him. He says that he know Kaashvi donated blood to him to save him.


She tells him that he misunderstands everything. She says that she helped him because he needed help. She adds that she would have donated blood to her trainee too. He tells her to accept that she loves him. She tells him that she loves Aditya that’s why she is going to marry Aditya. She reminds him that he is Mahima’s husband and he has family. She tells him to focus on his family. She says that she will marry Aditya. He tells her that her marriage will happen with him and it’s his challenge. She tells him that her marriage will happen with Aditya no matter what.

Later, Arjun asks Mahima that what she want to talk about it. Mahima scolds Arjun for flirting with Kaashvi in the dance floor. She asks him that what if Kaashvi’s engagement gets cancelled because of him. He tells her that he want to marry Kaashvi after divorcing her. She asks him that how can he talk like this. She says Karun can’t live without her. He tells her that Karun need good mother and Kaashvi will become that.

She warns him to not even think to separate her from Karun. She says that she will leave the house with Karun. He asks her that can she brought Karun up. He says that Mahima is dependent on others for everything. He tells her that he knows her secrets so he will make sure that she ends up in jail. He says that he will stop Kaashvi and Aditya’s marriage at any cost and goes inside.

Next day, Arjun tells congratulations to Kaashvi. He gives flower bouquet to her. He asks her that why she don’t look happy. Kaashvi tells him that she is happy. She says that tomorrow is her haldi ceremony. Aditya comes there and invites Arjun to haldi ceremony.

Vansh gets new admission in Karun’s class. Karun notices that Vansh is silent and scared. Meanwhile, Mahima convinces Jagdish to attend haldi ceremony of Aditya and Kaashvi. She tells Romila that she will make sure that Arjun attends all the marriage functions of Kaashvi. Because if that happened then Arjun will move on in his life.

Next day, Arjun enters Kaashvi’s house with Karun. He tells Kaashvi that they came to help her. Karun goes inside and meets Dadi. Kaashvi tells Arjun that she don’t want his help. She asks him to leave but he refuses. She thinks that Arjun is up to something.

Episode ends.

Precap – Arjun ruins haldi deliberately. One lady comes there and says that marriage won’t happen.

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