Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh attempts to find Harry

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Bunty that definitely Devika’s friend is involved in Devika’s murder so he need find him first. They goes to hotel and Rudraksh asks hotel staff about the guest list of that party night and learns that hotel don’t maintain the guest list of private party. He tells Bunty that he can’t even take Armaan’s help now because Armaan will get to know that they took CCTV footage of his mansion. Bunty suggests him to inform Police about Devika’s friend. Rudraksh tells him that he can’t do that without any solid evidence and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Anvi refuses to have food saying that she won’t eat until Preesha comes. Armaan asks her to have food and tells her that Preesha won’t return now. She tells him that he is yelling at her and Preesha never behaved like this with her. Rudraksh comes there and gives teddy bear to her saying that Preesha is busy with some work that’s why she send this toy for her and feeds her. Armaan leaves from there. Staff tells Rudraksh that Preesha is in jail because of false accusation because she knows that Preesha loves Devika so much. Rudraksh asks her about the company where Devika did her internship. She tells the company name to him and he thanks her.

Next day, Rudraksh meets Gopal. Gopal asks him to stay away from Preesha and let her live with Armaan happily. Rudraksh informs him about Preesha’s arrest and he hired Lawyer too for her bail. Gopal tells him that he is not understanding that what to say because just now he asked him to stay away from Preesha but it’s him who is supporting her in her difficult time and Armaan left her and apologizes to him and gets worried for Preesha. Rudraksh tells him that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Later, Police inspector tells Rudraksh that until he gets any solid evidence in Preesha’s favour he can’t grant a bail. Rudraksh tells him that even Police don’t have any solid evidence against Preesha and asks him to release Preesha. Gopal tells him that without court order Police won’t release Preesha. Lawyer asks Rudraksh to not get angry.

Gopal meets Preesha and cries and asks her to not lost hope saying that everything will be fine and leaves from there. Rudraksh comes there and she asks him about Anvi and he shows Anvi’s video and asks her to not worry about Anvi. Preesha thanks him for trusting her. He tells her that he will find the murderer definitely. She tells him that murderer could be dangerous and she lost Devika already now she can’t lose him too and hugs him. He tells her that he can do anything for her and places a kiss on her forehead ( Mein phir bhi tumko song plays in the background ).

Rudraksh goes to the company where Devika did her internship and gets the list of the people who did internship with her. He and Bunty goes to check the last person whose name is Harry. Harry sees Devika’s death news in TV and he sees Rudraksh coming towards his house and switch off everything to avoid him. Bunty tells Rudraksh that seems like Harry is not in the house and they leaves from there. Then they notices a pizza delivery guy moving towards Harry’s house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh handovers Harry to Police.

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