Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj saves Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima tells Preesha that she didn’t had reason to live earlier and so now, and says she didn’t even realized when she took those sleeping pills and assures her that she won’t repeat this again. Preesha tells her to take rest and moves from there. Vasudha says she literally died seeing Mahima like that and says she got her back after years so she can’t afford to lose her again.

Rudraksh assures her that nothing will happen to Mahima and asks Preesha about her. Preesha says she is taking rest. He says they should leave now for Saaransh. She takes him with her saying she has something to talk to him. He asks is she fine. She says how can she after seeing Mahima like this and says she already lost her once now was about to lose her again. He says it won’t repeat again. She says there is no guarantee for that, her sister losing herself.

He gets annoyed and asks what she wants, is she thinking to leave Saaransh. She says they has to find some way, can’t leave her sister to die like this ignoring her and tells him to understand her. He says he understood her that’s why he is standing here with her but they doesn’t have any other way to solve this problem. She says they can send Saaransh here so he can spend time with Mahima and get attached with her. He says then Mahima will take him with her permanently and says he is not a thing that she is thinking to share him.

She yells at her saying he already made this point clear to her that he won’t let his son go away from him and he trusts her and ready to do whatever she wants that’s why he even told Mahima to stay in Khurana house but she refused that offer and wants Saaransh permanently with her which he can’t accept. She says he is not understanding and says Mahima is Saaransh’s mother. He says Rajeev is his father and he is legal father of him. Mahima enters that room and asks what are they doing saying she didn’t came back to create problems in their life but she actually feels she made big mistake by coming back. Preesha asks what is she doing here instead of taking rest.

Rudraksh says it’s not Mahima’s mistake and says he can even give his life if she asks him but not Saaransh because he is more than his life for him, he is Rajeev’s last symbol and he got his brother back in Saaransh form so he can’t help her in this issue. Later Rudraksh apologize to Preesha for yelling at her and she also forgives him seeing his sweet gesture.

Balraj informs about Rudraksh’s first concert after lockdown. Rudraksh gets happy hearing him. Ahana says he will get more popularity because of this concert. Mahima leaves the house thinking Preesha and Rudraksh fighting because of her. One truck was about to hit her but Yuvraj saves her. Preesha who noticed Mahima runs towards her and hugs her.

Mahima asks how she came here and says she doesn’t remember anything. Yuvraj shows Mahima’s luggage to everyone. Mahima says she doesn’t want to become burden for anyone. Vasudha gets to know that Mahima is missing and calls her. Rudraksh takes the mobile from Mahima and says he is taking her to Khurana house .

Episode ends.

Precap – Balraj scolds Rudraksh for missing the concert.

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