Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2023 Written Update: Arjun hides about Mahima from Kaashvi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun takes Kaashvi to washroom and clean her wound. Kaashvi asks him to stop it. He tells her that it’s important to clean the wound ( Title song plays in the background ). She thinks that Arjun’s touch is affecting her. She realises that Arjun belongs to someone else now. She pushes him and tells him that she don’t need his help. She says that she is taking care of herself from the last 5 years. He asks her to not do this with him. He tells her that he searched her to apologize to her. He says that he wanted her in his life.


She asks him to stop lying because he signed on the divorce papers. She reminds him that he throw her out of the house and married someone else. She says that Arjun is married man and he should be loyal to his wife. And says that he should not bring the past. She adds that they are trainer and trainee that’s it. She leaves from there. He thinks that Kaashvi don’t know he married Mahima and Kaashvi will get angry after learning the truth, but he will tell the truth to her.

After some time, Kaashvi tells Dadi that destiny’s game is really strange. Dadi tells her to be professional with Arjun and not let the past affect her. She says that Kaashvi has to face this situation. Kaashvi tells her that she don’t want to become weak. She says that she don’t want Arjun in her life because Arjun is married man and selfish. Dadi thinks that she know Kaashvi loves Arjun still.

Karun tells Arjun that he and Mahima visited the training center. Arjun hope that Mahima did not see Kaashvi. Mahima comes there and sends Karun from there. Arjun asks her that why she came to training center. She tells him that she wanted to thank the officer who saved Karun. She says that she could not see the officer. He gets relived hearing this. He wonders whether Mahima has any other intention.

Next day, Vishal tells his plan to Arjun. Arjun scolds him for trying to humiliate Kaashvi. He warns him to not do like that again. Kaashvi comes there and scolds them. She says that she won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour. She informs them that they got information about illegal transport so they should stop it.

Mohan and his man talks about their illegal transport. They disguise themselves as truck drivers. They sees police checking the vehicles. Mohan tells his man that they have Kaashvi’s stamp so they can escape. He notices Arjun. Arjun checks Mohan’s truck. Kaashvi asks that if everything is fine. Vishal tells her that nothing is suspicious in the truck.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Arjun stops the truck. Kaashvi catch Mohan. Vishal shows Kaashvi’s stamp paper.

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