Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Written Update: Mishka regrets for her act

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha asks mental asylum Manager to give the records of Keerti. He says there is no patient in the name of Keerti. She asks doesn’t he remember that yesterday she came with Yuvraj here and he informed them about Keerti mental illness and even warned them that Khurana’s are in danger because of her. He lies saying first time he is seeing her. Yuvraj warns him to tell the truth. Police inspector tells Yuvraj to calm down and he will handle it. Preesha says Manager lying now. Police inspector asks the Manager to give the list of their patients name.

Ahana tells Mishka that she wanted to use Keeti to separate Preesha from Rudraksh permanently but she died already. She notices that Mishka is nervous and asks about it. Mishka says she is worried for Rudraksh because he is accused for Keerti’s murder. Ahana says they went to the mental asylum and he will be proved as innocent so she need not to worry. Mishka says it’s not easy to escape from murder case and says she is feeling suffocated here and leaves from there. Ahana wonders what happened to her, why she is behaving strange.

Mishka thinks Ahana should not know that yesterday night she also went to the terrace to meet Keerti and thinks why she was not in the CCTV footage, if someone deleted it then someone else was also there. Sharda sees Saaransh attending his classes and thinks it’s good that he doesn’t know about Keerti. He finishes his class and complaints about it to her and asks about his parents. She says they went out for some work. He asks with whom he will play now. She says she is here to play with him and wonders what’s happening with Rudraksh.

Manager gives the list to Police inspector. Police inspector says there is no patient in the name of Keert. Balraj says he could have deleted the records. Police inspector says if he is lying then he can’t escape and leaves from there. Manager gets call from someone and he tells that person, he didn’t said anything to the Police about Keerti and even deleted all her records. Mishka reaches the terrace and regrets for meeting Keerti yesterday night and recalls how she met her and mocked her. Keerti says if she is play girl then what’s Mishka’s problem. Mishka shows her ex boyfriend picture to her and says she stole him from her.

Keerti starts to laugh at her saying she saved her from him. Mishka says she doesn’t likes her closeness with Rudraksh and warns her to stay away from him. Keerti asks what she will do if she denies to listen her and they fights with each other and Mishka pushes Keerti at end. Mishka comes to reality and says if she gets caught then no one can save her and starts to search something saying she has to find it before anyone gets it. Ahana comes there and asks what is she doing here. Mishka says she came for fresh air.

Ahana says if anyone saw her here then she will end up in danger. Mishka leaves from there thinking she has to come again to search that otherwise Police will get to know that she is the one who pushed Keerti. Police inspector says they got nothing so he doesn’t have any other choice than arresting Rudraksh. Preesha says Rudraksh can’t kill anyone and that Manager too lying. Constable calls Police inspector saying report came from forensic department.

Sharda tells Rudraksh to meet Saaransh saying he is missing him. CCTV control room guy asks Yuvraj that why he lied to him that Manager called him. Preesha doubts Yuvraj and asks him to tell the truth. He says if she will trust him then only he will say and says how he met Keerti and all. He says Rudraksh is not the one who met Keerti last and he was in the CCTV footage that’s why he deleted his part but he didn’t kill Keerti. She asks him to tell this to Police inspector so Rudraksh proved as innocent which shocks Yuvraj.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvraj denies to go with Preesha. Keerti father meets Balraj. Preesha finds something in the terrace.

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