Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh takes stand for Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saaransh asks Vasudha to save Preesha saying Balraj scolding her very badly, he may throw her out of the house. Police informs Khurana’s that they got the video from Preesha’s mobile and shows it to them. Balraj tells them to arrest her when the culprit is standing in front of them. Police orders Constable to arrest Preesha.

Preesha shockingly looks at Rudraksh. Yuvraj tells Preesha that he did big mistake by attending that party, one side he was beaten by Rudraksh that day, now she is blaming him. She says did he mean he is not the one who recorded that video. He says her problem will be solved if he takes this blame on himself then he is ready to accept that he is the one who recorded that video.

He says she may not love him but he loves her so for her happiness he is ready take this blame on himself, he is ready to give up his respect but he can’t see her sad. She says they doesn’t have any relationship between them so he need not to take any blame, she doesn’t use anyone for her benefit, it may take time but the culprit and truth will come out for sure.

Mishka captures Preesha and Yuvraj’s picture in her mobile. Preesha leaves from there and Yuvraj starts to laugh and says she is such a emotional fool when she can take others blame on herself then how can she use others.

He says this much big drama happened still her arrogance didn’t go but that will break too soon. Mishka shows the pictures to Ahana. Ahana says they got the proof which needed, now she will show these pictures to Rudraksh and he won’t dare to speak disrespectfully with her.

Mishka says they should reach the house before Preesha and leaves from there. In Khurana house Police says they need to check everyone’s mobile. Rudraksh asks what’s the need of that. Police says recording happened in house so it’s necessary. Balraj tells Rudraksh to not interfere in their work.

Preesha reaches there and gets confused seeing Police there. Balraj says Gopal was right first he needs to find the person who recorded and he won’t leave that once he finds it. Police takes Preesha’s mobile from her. Rudraksh asks where she went. She was about to tell him that she went to meet Yuvraj because she doubts him but Police interferes and says he got the video from Preesha’s mobile.

Everyone shocks hearing him and Preesha looks at Rudraksh. Yuvraj says now Preesha will end up in jail because Police will get video from her mobile, he trapped her again like he did during Rajeev’s matter now Rudraksh will throw her out of the house and she won’t have any other choice than coming to him. Preesha says she didn’t recorded the video and she doesn’t know how it came to her mobile. Balraj shouts at her and tells Rudraksh to see the real face of her.Balraj tells her to leave the house.

Saaransh thinks how to save Preesha. Preesha asks him to believe her saying she did nothing against him. He says she need not to give any explanation because he trust her fully and she can never do anything wrong with him.

Ahana says Preesha lying, she is the one who is behind this whole scandal. She shows the pictures to Rudraksh and says she went to meet Yuvraj not to drop her parents. Saaransh calls Vasudha and informs everything. Preesha’s parents reaches Khurana house. Balraj tells Police to arrest Preesha and put her in jail. Rudraksh warns the Constable to not touch his wife. He says he doubts Yuvraj. Ahana asks how can he trust her after all this. He says he believes her because she is innocent.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rahul says Preesha is the one who gave that video to him so he can take his complaint back. Balraj says music industry banned Rudraksh.