Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha and Rudraksh decided to act like a happy couple

Episode begins with Rudraksh is pretending in front of the child care welfare members and the family that she is very caring and loving towards his wife, Preesha. He carries her in his arms and takes her to their room in front of all the people, so that they can get the impression that they are a very loving couple.

Both of them entered the room and Rudraksh drops Preesha on the bed. He says to her that I am not interested to get close to you neither to be intimate with you it is just that if we do not act like this, then they will take away Saransh with them and then neither he will stay with you nor me.

Preesha understands the point in the words of Rudraksh and agrees with him to do as per he says. Rudraksh says to Preesha that it is all because of your father and his allegations that we have to do like this and there is only one way to stop from going with them is we have to put up an act like a much in love husband and wife in front of the world.

Preesha reluctantly agrees to do so for sananj but wants Rudraksha to stay away from her not to come very close. He says to her you got a twist in the leg hence, you have to work a little bit with difficulty. Aahana calls Saransh in a corner and ladies from the child welfare committee ask to be seated on the sofa while they will be arranging some refreshment.

Rudraksha comes down and asks the ladies whether they will be interested in asking some questions from them? The ladies told him that we are here to question Saransh not you people so let him speak to us only he can spill the beans about what is actually happening here.

Saransh comes in contact with them and says to all that everybody loves me in this family and I have no issues with them at all. Preesha, Rudraksh along with Balraj gets shocked to see that he is lying but couldn’t understand the reason while Ahaana gets happy to see her trick worked in the favour of the family.

The flashback scene is shown where she is shown to have a conversation with Saransh, if he lies to the ladies sitting in the Hall of the house then she will take him again in the school of her so that he can play with his friends and also can study. Saransh didn’t agreed to this at first but then he does for his mother Preesha.

the pic of Rudraksha informed Balraj that the social media hype Rudraksh is going tremendously high and also the positive feedback is doing good work for him as the sponsors Arc in to sign him on their brand endorsement ads and also ready to give two times more hefty amount.

Balraj gets happy to hear the news and then Bunty comes there to invite them for his marriage with Bubbles. Balraj announced in front of all that he will take the entire responsibility of the marriage of Bunty and Bubbles and invited all of them to come and be a part of this wedding.

Precap – The parents of Preesha denied to take Yuvraj with them for the marriage venue