Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th January 2020 Written Update: Khurana family is mourning over the death of Rajeev

Episode begins with everyone is mourning the death of Rajiv in the house of Khurana. Rudra brings his mother down to perform the last rites of Rajiv. Bunty tries to talk with Rudraksh, however he ignores and Bunty understands his anger. Ahana and Mishka both of them reached home, Hannah says it is a funny affair for me to enter my own house like a thief because I am drunk. nishka ask did you always enter like this in the house and what if someone catches us in this state?

This house is filled with super boring people and they are never going to be awake till this time. Both of them enter the house but due to being drunk she couldn’t understand the scenario of the house and sheet hot that it must be a party that is going on in the house. Ahana says to Mishka that we don’t need to make so many sounds so that people will not get to know about the real state of ours right now.

Mrs Khurana walks up to her and asks Ahana where are you all night? On another side, in the police station the officer incharge ask Prasad to go for further processing as it is quite a long time she got to meet her son. Saransh is not ready to leave Preesha and she somehow tries to make him understand leave from there for the night.

In the Khurana house, Mrs Khurana finally breaks down the news of the death of Rajiv to Ahana and she is shocked with the news.

Preesha had an emotional conversation with her parents at the jail. GPS comes to Yuvraj to have discussions regarding the accident case.

Mishka and Ahana, both are coming down when Mishka says I know you don’t have much feelings for Rajiv ever but still as a wife of am you have to behave a little bit upset with the news. Aahana comes and sits besides Rudraksh, she says I know this is very difficult for you as he used to love you more than me.

Preesha and Yuvraj are talking with each other in the police station while the operative inspector got suspended by his higher authority for arresting a woman in the night as it is against rule.

Rudraksh noticed a small bruise on the hand of Rajeev, he starts to apply ointment on it so that it doesn’t pained any more. Mrs. Khurana says to Rudraksh that this is just a body now and it can not feel anything anymore.

Precap – GPS and Vasudha decides that only Yuvraj can help them out in this situation, Preesha is ready to confess the truth and says I want to come out of this jail.