Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th July 2021 Written Update: Harry reveals the truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh and Bunty notices that pizza delivery guy moving towards Harry’s house. A disguised Rudraksh catches Harry and recalls that how he took t-shirt and cap from pizza delivery guy saying that Harry is his friend and he wants to surprise his friend and enters Harry’s house and asks him that why the latter came to attend Devika’s marriage without invitation and accuses him for Devika’s murder. Harry tells him that he didn’t murder anyone.

Rudraksh beats him and tells him that the latter hided from him which proves that he is hiding something and demands the truth from him. Harry tells him that he met Devika and confessed his feelings to her and asked her to marry him but she lashed out at him and asked him to leave the room so he left from there. Rudraksh tells him that the latter lying still and the latter will tell the truth to Police and drags him from there.

Armaan struggles to tie his tie and recalls that how Preesha used to do it for him. Anvi tells him that she will do it because Preesha taught her. He asks her that what else Preesha taught her. She tells him that Preesha taught her to take care of herself and take care of him but didn’t taught how to live without her. He gets emotional hearing her and hugs her. She tells him that she misses Preesha so much and asks him to bring Preesha back. He promises to bring Preesha back.

Rudraksh hand overs Harry to Police inspector and tells him that it’s Harry who murdered Devika and gives the CCTV footage to him and asks him to interrogate Harry. Harry tells Police inspector that he didn’t murder Devika. Rudraksh gets permission to meet Preesha and tells her everything about Harry. She asks him that if he is sure that Harry is Devika’s murderer. He tells her that he has evidence against Harry and Police will release her soon.

She thanks him for everything. He tells her that she changed so much in these 6 months that’s why she is able to thank him this easily and asks her to not change and tells her that he is doing everything for himself because she is the reason that he is alive and he did mistake once by leaving her but he won’t repeat that again and hugs her. Armaan sees them together and taunts them.

Preesha asks him to not misunderstand and tells him that Rudraksh found the real murderer. Police inspector comes there and informs them that Harry is not confessing his crime and they don’t have any evidence against Harry and still Preesha is prime suspect of Devika’s murder so he can’t leave her and leaves from there. Preesha asks Rudraksh to contact Devika’s make-up artist saying that she would have seen Harry.

Rudraksh and Armaan goes to meet the make-up artist. After some time, they reaches her house. She tells Armaan that Devika went to Preesha’s room to take nose ring and when she returned she was upset with something and then she saw that one guy was fighting with Devika so she went to call Security guard. Rudraksh shows Harry’s picture to her and she confirms that she saw Harry with Devika.

Episode ends.

Precap – Security guard reveals that he saw Uncle fighting with Devika.

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