Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update: Preesha suspects Revati

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police starts searching the house. Saaransh asks that why Tarun took his name. Preesha says that it looks like someone forced Tarun to took Saaransh’s name. She asks Saaransh to not worry. Rudraksh takes Saaransh with him to talk to the Lawyer. Ruhi asks Preesha that what police searching in their house. Preesha tells her that police will return soon so the latter need not to worry about anything. Ruhi thinks that Revati must know the answer for her question because she is police commissioner. She goes to Revati who is in Saaransh’s room and asks her that what police searching in their house.

Revati tells her that police searching drugs and it will look like white colour powder. She adds that it’s illegal to keep drugs so if police found drugs then they will arrest Saaransh and leaves from there. She tells police inspector to search Saaransh’s room first. She notices Gopal overhearing their conversation. She acts like scolding police inspector. Gopal leaves from there. She thinks that she fooled Gopal.

Ruhi finds drug packet and she runs from there with it. Police searches Saaransh’s room but finds nothing. Revati wonders that where drug packet went. Ruhi is about to tell Sharda about drug packet but stops seeing police. She consumes drugs and faints which shocks Sharda.

Rudraksh scolds police inspector and says that he already said that Saaransh is innocent. Revati thinks that she herself kept drug packet in Saaransh’s room then where it went. Police inspector apologizes to Rudraksh and leaves from there.

Sharda screams and everyone goes there. Ruhi wakes up and says that she ate the white colour powder which she found in Saaransh’s room. Saaransh says that he didn’t keep drugs in his room. Revati realises that Ruhi ruined her plan. She tells Preesha that it looks like Ruhi consumed drugs. She says that it’s a drug case so they should inform police. Rudraksh and Preesha says that they should treat Ruhi first. They takes Ruhi to the hospital. Doctor tells them that he should call the police first. Preesha pleads him to save Ruhi first. He tells her that he will begin the treatment. She thanks him.

Later, Doctor tells Khuranas that Ruhi is in critical condition still and asks them to pray to God. Sharda consoles the crying Preesha. Preesha runs from there. Rudraksh is about to follow her but Sharda stops him. Preesha visits the temple and asks God to save Ruhi. Meanwhile, Nurse informs Rudraksh that Ruhi’s condition improving.

Preesha hears Saphera’s conversation outside temple and questions them. They tells her that their friend earned money by giving poisonous snake to one lady. Preesha shows Revati’s picture to them and confirms that Revati brought snake to their house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha questions Tarun. Revati brings police to the hospital. Preesha asks Gopal that if he thinks that Revati is behind the raid. Servant mixes something in ‘kheer’ on Revati’s behest. Everyone eats that ‘kheer’.

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