Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2021 Written Update: Mishka reveals her past to Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saaransh and Vidhi announces Param and Mishka’s dance performance so the couple comes to the stage and starts dancing. Meanwhile, Rudraksh follows Venky. Mishka twists her leg and falls down while dancing. Everyone goes to her and even Rudraksh comes downstairs after hearing her scream. They wonders that how Mishka’s sandal got broken. Mishka tries to get up and winches in pain so Param picks her and moves towards her room. Others follows them. Venky tells Rudraksh that seems like Mishka’s bad days are going on that’s why first her lehenga got ruined and now her sandal and leaves from there. Rudraksh examines Mishka’s broken sandal and notices glue on it and confirms that someone deliberately did it. He recalls that how Mishka apologized to Venky. He asks himself that what if something happened between Venky and Mishka that’s why Venky doing all this and decides to find out the truth.

Preesha tells Mishka that it’s not a normal sprain. Mishka reminds her that marriage is tomorrow. Preesha tells her that the latter won’t be able to stand for long time so they should postpone the marriage. Mishka refuses saying that she can’t wait for a year. Param tells her that she is in pain. She asks him to not worry about her because she will take pain killer and will use ice pack and she will be fine till tomorrow and obviously she won’t postpone the marriage just for a sprain so marriage will happen tomorrow no matter what. Rudraksh wonders that why Mishka is desperate to marry tomorrow itself.

Later, Rudraksh wakes Mishka up and asks her that what happened between her and Venky. He asks her to tell the truth because he feels that someone deliberately trying to stop this marriage. He tells her that he is ready to help her so what is she hiding from everyone. She tells him that she is hiding her past and reveals everything which happened between her and Venky. She says to him that she regrets so much for what she did with Venky. She informs him that Venky forgave her already and asks him to leave this matter. She tells him that she don’t think that Venky doing all this and moreover Venky has not recovered completely yet. He thinks that he is sure that Venky is behind everything and he has not forgive her yet so tomorrow he will do something big.

Next day, Rudraksh thinks that he can’t tell the truth to Preesha now and decides to reveal it after marriage. Preesha asks him to look after the decorations. He tells her that he has to go to Mishka and leaves the room. Saaransh asks him to smile so he can record. He shows yesterday’s recording and Rudraksh notices someone breaking Mishka’s sandal but just hands are visible. He sends Saaransh to play with Vidhi and goes to Venky and asks him to stop playing.

He informs him that he has an evidence now and shows the recording. Venky tells him that just hands are visible. Rudraksh tells him that the latter’s bracelet is visible so everyone will understand the latter is culprit. Venky accepts that he is behind everything. Rudraksh tells him that the latter spoiling his life because of this revenge. Venky tells him that he won’t leave Mishka because he suffered a lot because of her. Rudraksh goes to tell the truth to Preesha and Venky tries to stop him. He drops the mobile and he is about to fall from stairs.

Episode ends.

Precap – Venky challenges Rudraksh. He forcefully enters Mishka’s room.

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