Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh performed the last rites of Rajiv

Episode begins with GPS comes home and finds Saransh is sitting upset in the hall. Vasudha comes to prepare him for the night but he says that my mother told me a game is going on and I have to be brave enough. Yuvraj is celebrating his victory in his room that he got a self sacrificing person like pressure in his life.

Saransh is trying to be self-dependent so that he can bring back his mother. GPS and Vasudha gets emotional to see that Saransh is trying to do everything which perhaps pressure is bearing right now. GPS shares to Vasudha that pressure is speaking lies and we noticed it when he asks her about it in the jail. He says if I pressurise her to speak up the truth then she will never admit that she is telling me a lie, he further says there is something beyond this which we don’t know. Rudra is applying medicine on the dead body of Rajiv when his mother is trying to console him and tries to make him understand that Rajiv is no more. He cries his heart out with his mother while Balraj gets emotional. GPS and Vasudha are discussing with each other about only Rudraksha can help us out from this matter.

Vasudha says that happened in that family and you really think he is not in a frame of mind to help us out. GPS says it is difficult but we can take a chance. In the Khurana house, Rudraksh stopped his father from touching the dead body of Rajiv and says you are also responsible for the death of my brother. He says now my mother will perform the last rites of my brother instead of you. Saransh reached Khurana house just after Rudraksha left from there.

Rudraksha is unable to light up the matches but Saransh did it indirectly for his father. He asked Rudraksh the stop the game so that his mother can come out from jail. Bunty took away Saransh from there and ask him to go back home. Rudraksh gives fire to the dead body of Rajiv. He says to himself now I have only one motive in life that is to not let Preesha live in peace after taking away the life of my brother.

Pressure is remembering the words of Saransh and is getting emotional when the lady police constable comes there to call her. They ask Preesha to stand with the name plate as they need to make a record of her in their register.

She poses with the name plate and the photographer clicked some pictures of a and then she gives her thumb impression. The lady constable gives her a dress to change and says that you have only 2 minutes to change your clothes and don’t delay. Preesha agrees to them with teary eyes.

Precap – Rudraksha offered 10 crore rupees to Yuvraj so that he can give verdict against Preesha. Preesha confessed in the police station that she is not responsible for the accident.