Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020 Written Update :- Ahana’s changed behavior confuses Mishka

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2020 Written Update On

Episode begins with Ahana asks Balraj what’s happening and why no one telling her anything. Mishka says they themselves will go upstairs to see what’s happening there. Balraj says they can’t go anywhere and asks her to stay silent until Police comes there. Everyone shocks seeing Niketan holding Saaransh at gunpoint. Ahana asks Niketan that what is he doing. Niketan shouts at her and says no one should not ask him any question and asks them to put his luggage on his car. Balraj asks Niketan to leave Saaransh and says they can talk whatever issue he have. Rudraksh reveals that Niketan is the one who kidnapped Saaransh and kept him in his room. Ahana and Mishka shocks hearing him. Preesha thinks she have to do something to stop Niketan and sees Niketan’s bag and signs that to Rudraksh. She says now Niketan can’t hide anything and asks why he hided Saaransh. Rudraksh goes near the bag and says he hided many things and opens the bag. Everyone shocks seeing the saree and bangles in the bag.

Ahana asks what these things doing in Niketan’s bag. Saaransh says Niketan uses these things, and tells everyone that he saw him in saree that’s why he kidnapped him. Ahana asks is Saaransh telling the truth. She asks how can he do this with them. Mishka says it’s so embarrassing. Preesha asks them to stop and says Niketan have this weakness so they should accept that, what if he likes to wear saree that is not any crime. Ahana asks her to stay silent and not involve in their personal matter. Niketan says he is leaving from there and no one should follow him otherwise he will shoot Saaransh.

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Preesha stands in front of Niketan and says how dare he to put gun on Saaransh’s head. She says if anything happens to Saaransh she won’t leave him alive. Niketan says he will shoot her if she move towards him. He pushes Saaransh one side and shoots Preesha. Everyone shocks seeing that. Rudraksh notices the unconscious Saaransh. Preesha checks Saaransh and says his pulse rate is low have to take him to hospital. Niketan tries to go from there. Ahana asks what is he doing. He says he have to leave from here otherwise she knows what they will do with him. She says she knows what they will do with him and he deserves that. He points the gun at her. That time Police comes there and takes Niketan with them.

Ahana says they have to take Saaransh and Preesha to hospital. Mishka thinks suddenly what happened to Ahana. They takes Preesha and Saaransh to hospital. Preesha takes Saaransh name. Rudraksh says he won’t let anyone harm Saaransh and Preesha. Mishka asks why Ahana helping them. Ahana says she is doing everything to save themselves. She says if anything happens to Saaransh or Preesha then Rudraksh won’t leave them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nurse informs Rudraksh that Saaransh crossed the danger situation but Preesha still in danger.