Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update: Preesha saves Khuranas from Revati

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gopal asks Preesha that why she asked him to come home. Preesha tells him that Revati brought snake to their home. He tells her that he suspected Revati already. He informs her that Revati instigated Sharda against Vasudha. He reveals that it’s Revati who gave Sharda’s phone to Vasudha to put on charger.

He adds that he even saw Revati in Saaransh’s room. She asks him that if he thinks that Revati is behind the raid. He tells her that Revati is police commissioner and she can do anything. She tells him that they have to find proof against Revati. He says that Tarun can tell the truth. They reaches Tarun home.

Preesha pleads Tarun to tell the truth. She informs him that Ruhi consumed drugs to save Saaransh. He tells her that he didn’t thought this will happen. She tells him that he is good guy and he helped her in the past too. She asks him that why he took Saaransh’s name. She adds that she knows that someone forced him to take Saaransh’s name. He accepts that Revati threatened him. She thanks him.

Gopal asks Preesha that why Revati doing all this. Preesha tells him that Revati want to take revenge on them. She adds that she will expose Revati. He tells her that he is with her.

In the hospital, Revati brings the police. She tells Rudraksh that it’s drug case so she can’t stay silent. She adds that police has to arrest Saaransh because Ruhi found drugs in his room. Doctor says that Ruhi didn’t consume drugs but chalk powder. He recalls that how Preesha convinced him to lie. Revati sends the police from there. She understands that Preesha learnt her intention. She thinks that she planned something big on marriage day.

Rudraksh says that they should cancel the marriage. Preesha agrees with him. Ruhi wakes up and says that marriage will happen. She asks Saaransh that if he is fine. He tells her that he is fine because she is his sister. She asks her parents to get married for her sake. Sharda suggests to marry tomorrow. Rudraksh agrees with her. Preesha asks Gopal to watch Revati’s actions.

Rudraksh wonders that how drugs came to their home. Preesha decides to tell Revati’s truth to him. He tells her that he thought he is going to lose everything once again. He adds that he want to stay happiness and want to keep everyone happy. Next day, Gopal tells Preesha that he installed spy app on Revati’s phone. Revati meets the Khuranas caterer.

Preesha and Gopal sees that. Later, Revati serves ‘kheer’ to everyone. She refuses to eat saying that she is allergic to milk. Everyone eats it. She wonders that why poison is not working. Preesha recalls that how she saw caterer mixing poison in the ‘kheer’ on Revati’s behest. And also how she prepared ‘kheer’. She thinks that she won’t let Revati succeed in her goal.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha tells Revati that she knows her truth. Later, everyone faints because of smoke. Preesha gets shocked seeing that.

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