Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th November 2023 Written Update: Arjun finds proof against Mahima

Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Arjun decides to prove with proof that Mahima used Kaashvi’s stamp. He wonders where he will get proof because there is no CCTV camera in Kaashvi’s cabin. He realises that he can get Mahima’s location using GPS tracker. He learns that where Mahima went after training center. He goes to that location and sees CCTV camera there. He gets permission to watch the CCTV footage. He watches the CCTV footage and sees Mahima giving paper to Mohan. He thinks that he was right. He gets the CCTV footage in his pendrive. He decides to submit the proof to training center.


Next day, Jagdish asks Arjun that where the latter is going at this time. Arjun tells him that he is going to save Kaashvi’s reputation. He informs him that Kaashvi returned to Faridabad and it’s Kaashvi who saved Karun. He reveals that Kaashvi is his trainer. He tells him about Kaashvi’s suspension. He says that Mahima is behind Kaashvi’s suspension. He shows the pendrive to him saying that he will submit to training center. He says that he won’t let Kaashvi suffer because of Mahima. Monty hears everything and leaves from there.

Jagdish tells Arjun that he know Mahima is wrong. He says that Arjun saved Mahima till now for Karun’s sake. And says that Mahima will get arrested if Arjun submitted this pendrive to training center. He adds that Karun will suffer if Mahima got arrested then. Arjun tells him that he will think about it. Jagdish goes inside. Arjun wonders that whom he should choose in between Kaashvi and Karun. He decides to tell Kaashvi that he married Mahima. He also decides to give the pendrive to Kaashvi.

Monty tells Mahima that Arjun know she gave civil officer’s stamp paper to Mohan. He says that Arjun has proof against Mahima and he is planning to expose her. Mahima asks that how can Arjun do this.

Arjun sees Kaashvi hugging a guy. Kaashvi tells thanks to that guy. That guy tells Kaashvi that he can do anything for her. He says that he missed her so much. She asks him that if he is on vacation. He tells her about his transfer. He says that she is his jaan so he came to her. She tells him that she also missed him. She asks him that how he know about her problem. He tells her that she is his soulmate so he came to help her. Arjun hears everything. He thinks that Aditya loves Kaashvi and seems like Kaashvi also moved on in her life.

Senior officer comes there and tells Aditya that he cleared Kaashvi’s name by catching Mohan. He says that Aditya will be Kaashvi’s new boss. He adds that he got transfer and leaves from there.

Later, Arjun lashes out at Mahima. Mahima tells him that he did everything for Karun’s sake. He informs her Mohan’s arrest. He warns her to not do this again.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aditya meets Dadi. Karun tells Mahima about his sports day.

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