Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh is trying to play with Preesha by coming close to her

Episode begins with Rudraksh is telling pressure that if people come to know the reality of a relationship then anshu will be away from both of us.

He says I cannot afford that and now you have to decide what you want to do. Do you really want people to have a doubt on our relationship if not then wear this dress right now and Krishna agrees to do so for Saransh. Rudraksha gets ready and when pressure comes out of the washroom and Rudraksh notices her. He comes to see her when Preesha says that from where did you buy this dress for me because it is not fitting me. Rudraksh says how is it possible because I have never bought any misfit dress for any girl. He tries to check the measurement of pressure when they hear a commotion from below. Ahana mixed alcohol in the drink for the guests in the marriage.

Everybody goes drunk after having that drink and Vasudha creates a scene for that. Rudraksh and Preesha both comes down together and manages the situation somehow before it gets worse. Rudraksh asks the caterer people to serve lemonade to each and every guests so that their hangover gets over. After everything gets sorted out, Rudraksh asks everyone to play the drums so that they can celebrate it fully.

Rudraksh is dancing with the parents of pressure and also they are clicking pictures with Saransh, Bubbles and Bunty. Balraj gets angry with the parents of pressure because he is the one who invested so much money in this marriage and he is the one who is sitting in the marriage functions like he is nobody and he has no say in the functions of the marriage. Preesha noticed the mother of Rudraksh in stress and she understands that she is being deprived of love and care.

Saransh is playing with a handcuff that Rudraksh gifted to Bunty in his marriage. Preesha tries to take it from the hand of Saransh but he is running around everywhere and Preesha stumbles and falls in the arms of Rudraksh.

Yuvraj reached the marriage venue so that he can keep an eye on pressure and also to win the trust fund of Saransh to secure his financial crisis. The wedding planner of Bunty and Bubbles assigned him the job of waiter in the functions. He thinks that what all I need to do for the sake of that trust fund money.

Precap – Mishka malfunction the dress of Preesha and Rudraksh saves her somehow.