Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th January 2020 Written Update: Preesha is feeling uncomfortable in the jail

Episode begins with Preesha changed her dress in the jail. Balraj is sitting in his room and his wife says just because of your lie we lost our elder son Rajiv.

GPS and Vasudha are getting worried for Saransh and they are trying to contact Yuvraj but he is sleeping. Saransh comes back home and shares to his grandfather and grandmother that he went to meet Rudraksh because only he can bring out his mother from jail. He says I requested Rudraksh to leave my mother from jail. however I don’t know why he got angry and said that my mother will never come out from jail.

Vasudha and GPS made him understand that because Rudraksh is also part of the game hence we cannot say anything like that in front of all that is why he lied to you.

Saransh understand the point and he went inside the room when Vasudha says how long we are going to make him understand with this chain of lies. Preesha is in the cell when the constables come inside to give them food and she is feeling uneasy and uncomfortable.

Suddenly she gets shocked to find out that the other two people inside the cell are fighting with each other over the food. She doesn’t understand why those people are behaving in such a way and she is calling for help from the constables and says at ready to consist the truth because I didn’t do anything, it was all done by Yuvraj. Yuvraj wakes up from his sleep with a jerk, he thinks what if this dream of mine becomes truth then how will I manage the entire thing ? He gets ready and goes into the jail to meet Preesha who is already upset and sad mentally.

At first things that maybe she doesn’t want to talk to him and she’ll have a break down in front of all. Yuraj just want to test how long she will be able to hold up this drama and he just keeps on saying emotional things to her so that she gets affected emotionally and mentally.

Balraj highest level for the case of Rajiv and ask him just make sure that the culprit doesn’t roam around free. He says that girl which to be punished and make sure that she gets a lifetime imprisonment.

Rudraksha comes and says not life time imprisonment I want her to be punished with hang till death. He says what should I do with my brother she needs to realise the same pain which my brother went through. The lawyer gets a call and says the hearing of this case is scheduled for tomorrow and he also informed Rudraksh that Yuvraj Pillai is appointed as a judge of this case.

Everyone in the family gets shocked because then the verdict of the case will surely go in the favour of Preesha. Rudraksh assured them that he will not what happened and will make sure that Preesha gets punished. Yuvraj on the other hand assured Preesha that he will get her out of this court case very soon.

Precap – Ahana throws Saransh out of the school for Preesha, Rudraksh comes to court for the first hearing.