Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2021 Written Update: Sulochana warns Preesha to stay away from Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Digvijay accepts that he used Devika’s trust fund without her permission and he went to her room to inform this only but she already knew about it and questioned him so he explained her that how he used her trust fund to start new business but faced loss and promised to return her money after her marriage and she asked him that why he also betrayed her and called him as thief that’s why he yelled at her that’s it and then apologized to her and promised to return her money and she revealed about Rudraksh and Preesha’s betrayal and she wanted to go to US so he promised to return her money within a week and send her to US then she forgave him and asks Armaan to believe him saying that this is what happened that day.

Armaan tells him that the latter is also responsible for Devika’s death. Police inspector tells Digvijay that now the latter also suspect in Devika’s murder so he need to take him for investigation and arrests him. Rudraksh tells Armaan that the latter didn’t trust Preesha but he trusted Preesha. Armaan tells him that no one understanding him and he lost his sister and his family shattered so the latter can’t understand him.

Rudraksh tells him that he won’t trust that Preesha can murder anyone no matter what and it doesn’t matter that he is her ex husband or whatever and he is about to leave but Anvi stops him and asks him that how can he leave without meeting her. He informs her that Preesha will return to her soon. She reveals that Armaan promised to bring Preesha back.

Rudraksh tells Preesha that Digvijay is the real culprit and informs her everything and soon she will be released. She tells him that she was in fear thinking that how she will prove her innocence when Police arrested her. He tells her that he will prove her innocence and tells her that only he has rights on her sadness and tears and hugs her and places a kiss on her forehead.

Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion and informs his family that he found the real murderer and that is Digvijay and tells them everything. Sharda tells him that everything will be all right. He asks her to make ‘kheer’ for Preesha. Sulochana reminds him that Preesha is Armaan’s wife and Anvi’s mother and Preesha won’t return to him after release. He tells him that he knows that Preesha will return to him.

Next day, Sulochana meets Preesha in the jail and taunts her for using Rudraksh and tells her that he thinks that the latter will return to him but she knows that, that won’t happen and warns her to stay away from Rudraksh for his goodness.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan tells Police inspector that Digvijay didn’t murder Devika.

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