Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th September 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh marries Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anvi tells Armaan that the latter and Saaransh are bad people. Armaan tells her that he will slap her. Preesha scolds him for talking to Anvi like that. She asks Anvi to come to her. Anvi goes to her and tells her that she did nothing but no one believing her.

Preesha tells her that she believes her. Anvi tells her that she is angry with Armaan and Saaransh. Preesha asks her to not say like that. Rudraksh asks Armaan to not scold Anvi because she is so sweet. Preesha tells Anvi that the latter will sit on her lab.

Saaransh tells them that Anvi can’t sit on Preesha’s lab. Rudraksh asks him to not say like that and he makes him sit on his lab. He asks the Priest to continue the marriage rituals. Sania and Digvijay taunts Armaan. Rudraksh ties nuptial chain on Preesha’s neck.

Priest announces that Rudraksh and Preesha are husband and wife from now on. Preesha and Rudraksh takes elders blessings. Rudraksh asks Gopal to not get sad because Preesha will be with the latter until they gets married in Punjabi style.

Everyone reaches the Thakur house. Preesha tells Armaan that he would not have behaved like that with Anvi. He tells her that Anvi’s behaviour changing nowadays. She tells him that it’s not easy for Anvi to accept all this so they should not hurt her by scolding her. She goes to see Anvi.

Digvijay stops Preesha from entering Anvi’s room. He tells her that she can’t handle Anvi daily because now they are just burden for her. She tells him that she is going in live in neighborhood only. He tells her that she can’t handle two families together for sure.

He asks her to stay away from Anvi so she can learn to live without her. Sania comes there. He tells Preesha that now Anvi’s real mother is here so let her get close to Anvi. Sania tells Preesha that she will take care of Anvi because she is Anvi’s mother. Preesha tells her that now the latter remembers that she is Anvi’s mother but she left Anvi. Sania tells her that the latter also leaving so the latter should not comment about her life. Preesha leaves from there.

Armaan tells Rudraksh that he just realized that they didn’t celebrate bachelor’s party. Preesha is against the idea of bachelor’s party. Rudraksh asks her that don’t she believe him. Sania suggests to celebrate girls party. She asks Vasudha and Sharda to wear western dress.

Later Anvi packs her luggage and tells Armaan that she is going to live with Preesha. He apologizes to her for scolding her. He tells her that Preesha is Saaransh’s mother now that’s why Preesha didn’t come to console her. Digvijay asks Armaan that what’s his plan. Armaan tells him that he will make sure that Rudraksh drinks a lot in bachelor’s party so he could not go to Punjabi marriage.

Rudraksh romance with Preesha and picks her saying that he is taking her to her room. Digvijay and Armaan sees that and the former asks the latter to forget Preesha. Armaan tells him that Rudraksh has to forget Preesha. Preesha asks Rudraksh to behave well in bachelor’s party. He tells her that he want to spend time with her and moves towards her to kiss her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan brings the drunk Rudraksh. Other side, few people kidnaps Anvi.

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