Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Preesha surprise Rudraksh with her romantic plan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir tells Ahana that he is telling the truth and asks Mishka that what was she doing in his bathroom. Ahana questions Mishka and slaps her. Kabir tells Ahana to control herself and asks her to not hit Mishka. Sulochana tells Ahana to just make Mishka understand her mistake without slapping her. She praises Ahana and says Mishka did wrong by accusing Kabir when he can’t even think to do something like this and pleads Ahana to not repeat the mistake. She takes Kabir from there. Ahana tells Mishka to leave from there.

Mishka moves towards her room. Preesha follows her and apologize to her. Mishka says she is not understanding that how Kabir changed suddenly and apologize to her because their plan failed. Rudraksh overhears their conversation and misunderstood that Preesha did this to insult Kabir and asks why she keep repeating this. He drags her from there.

Sulochana tells Ahana to go to Mishka. Ahana says she knows what she has to do and leaves from there. Kabir close the door and says Sulochana is his God and thanks her for saving him again. Sulochana recalls how she heard when Preesha was talking about her plan to Mishka and also how she informed Kabir about Preesha’s plan and what he has to do.

Rudraksh says he explained Preesha many times but she is not understanding and asks why she want to snatch his happiness. He asks what wrong Sulochana and Kabir did with her. He says he can understand why she did that last time with Sulochana in necklace matter but he can’t understand that why she did all this today when she knows that Ahana and Kabir loves each other and their marriage going to happen but she want to separate them. He says he loves her so much and asks her to not force him to choose between her and Sulochana, Kabir. He says she is hurting him by suspecting Sulochana and pleads her to not do all this. He tells her to go to her parents house with Saaransh and asks her to stay there for few days.

Preesha thinks Rudraksh doing the same thing which she did in Mahima’s matter and she can’t leave him alone so decides to expose Sulochana and Kabir by staying in Khurana mansion. She says she overreacted and says she didn’t wanted to hurt him and apologize to him and says she will apologize to Sulochana, Kabir too and says she can’t live without him and hugs him. He asks her to give chance to them and hugs her.

Sulochana tells Kabir that she need alcohol. Preesha decorates the room and apologize to Rudraksh again for hurting him. Rudraksh says he will bring champagne. She stops him saying she will bring it. Kabir goes to bar cabinet and steals a bottle of alcohol. Preesha sees Kabir and notices one alcohol bottle missing. She also notices footsteps on Rangoli and realises that Kabir can walk. Next day, everyone discuss about Ahana and Kabir’s marriage. Preesha thinks she need to stop this marriage no matter what and goes to Kabir’s room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha tells Rudraksh that Kabir has to go to Chennai for treatment.

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