Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd January 2020 written update: Rudra exposed Kaveri in the court

Rudraksh is giving bytes to media and says I feel the woman must be very lucky that she got to spend so much time with me and can be with me. Yuvraj is provoking pressure continuously against Rudraksh and she is getting angry.

Rudraksh goes into a corner and talks to someone over the phone when pressure comes there and looks at him with so much disgust. Rudraksh moves aside and looks at her and says why are you looking at me like this?

Preesha slaps him and says that I am not interested to touch you at all. The kind of person you are, you simply disgust me to the core and I am not your fan at all. Rajiv comes there to call Rudraksh and notices Preesha. He asks if everything is fine over here and Rudraksh says all is under control and left the place with him.

Preesha says to Yuvraj that she slapped Rudraksh just right now. He says you did what is needed and now you have to give statement against him with full confidence in the courtroom as well. Preesha says that she is ready for this.

Inside the court, everyone gets settled for the hearing of the case and the judge appears. Yuvraj starts to badmouth about Rudraksh in the courtroom. He says Rudraksha is a womaniser doesn’t know how to respect a woman and exploit his female workers with a bad intention.

The defence lawyer of Rudraksh dismiss these claims and says my client is innocent and he is being framed in all these blaming games unnecessarily. Yuvraj says that will get proved easily today in the court and he summons Preesha in the witness box to give her statement.

Preesha goes to give her statement and she starts to vent out her hatred and frustrations against Rudraksh through her words. Where is Rudraksh is already expecting such statement from her, his father is getting angry and says how come she says so many wrong things about my son without knowing anything.

The defence lawyer of Rudraksh counters Preesha but she says that he doesn’t care about women and he didn’t want to get married to Kaveri at all in fact he tried to humiliate her in front of the world. I have seen everything and such persons deserves to rot in jail for his deeds. She comes down from the witness box and Mr Khurana confronts her. He says how come you say such wrong things about my son without knowing him properly?

Preesha says what is wrong I said that in front of all. You are his father hence you could have given him a better upbringing then we all shouldn’t be here today. His father got angry and says you will taught me how to raise a child?

Yuvraj comes and misbehaves with him and Rudraksh comes in between and says what will you do if we do not bow down in front of you ?

The judge announced 15 minute break for the court case. Rudraksh says to his father that he doesn’t need to take any tension as they will not lose the case. Before the 15 minute break gets over Kaveri gets a call and she excused herself.

After the break the court hearing started again and Yuvraj girls Kaveri in the witness box to record her statement. She comes in the witness box and says that she wants to withdraw her case. Preesha gets surprised with this statement of Kaveri whereas Rudraksh is smiling because he knows this is coming.

Rudraksha comes in the witness box finally and he exposed Kaveri in front of all and speaks about Surya and had relationship in the court. The flashback shown how he got to know about Surya and tracks him down. Rudraksha proves his Innocence and says I demand an apology from Preesha for openly assassinating my character without any proof.

Precap – Rudra and Saransh meet again and he says that you should be lucky to have a mother like Preesha.