Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh narrowly misses meeting Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ruhi asks Saaransh that how can Preesha fail to recognize her own kids and cries. Saaransh asks her to not cry and he says that maybe Preesha testing them. And it looks like Preesha don’t want them to tell Rudraksh about her. She tells him that they can’t even enter the hotel now. He tells her that they can wait outside the hotel.

On the other hand, Pihu asks Armaan that if Preesha saw Rudraksh. Armaan nods at her. She asks him that why he left the party venue when Preesha saw Rudraksh already. He tells her that Rudraksh did not saw Preesha. And he knows that Rudraksh can go any extend to get Preesha so he can torture her. He adds that he can’t let Rudraksh do wrong with Preesha.

She tells him that she can understand him. He tells her that she can’t understand that how dangerous Rudraksh is for Preesha. And this is why he did not wanted to send Preesha to Delhi. She apologizes to him. She tells him that she will send Preesha to Delhi as soon as possible.

Next day, Pihu and Preesha are excited that they are shifting to new house. Armaan gives gift to receptionist and tells her that no one should know that where they are going. She nods at him. Thakkurs leaves the hotel. Saaransh and Ruhi comes there and waits outside the hotel.

On the other hand, Rudraksh gets ready and notices that one button is missing from his shirt. He recalls that how he tried to romance Preesha and she moved from there saying that her patients are waiting for her. He removes his shirt buttons deliberately and he says that she don’t care about him at all. He shows the shirt to her. She tells him that he has to stitch these buttons. He tells her that he did that to spend time with her.

She stitches the buttons and she asks him to learn to stitch buttons. He comes to reality hearing Vanshika’s voice. She tells him that they have to sign contract with Mr. Oberoi today. She notices his shirt buttons and offers to stitch it. He tells her that his wife taught him so he can do it. She nods at him and leaves the room.

Thakkurs enters their new house. Pihu leaves for college. Armaan and Digvijay leaves for a meeting. Preesha tells Kanchan that Armaan did not bring many clothes with him so she is going to purchase clothes for him. Kanchan asks her to go to RR design store. Preesha nods at her and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Security guard notices Kids waiting outside the hotel.

Pihu and other students hears the announcement of Romeo and Juliet play. Pihu decides to give audition for Juliet character. Vidjut hears that and he tells his friends that he want to play as Romeo. His friends teases him. Raj hears everything and wonders that if Vidyut really starts feeling for Pihu.

Preesha reaches the RR design store and selects shirts for Armaan. Vanshika brings Rudraksh to that store to shop clothes for him. Preesha and Vanshika goes to trial room. In the college, Pihu’s audition gets over. And Vidyut does not do well in his audition. Rudraksh notices the shirts which Preesha selected for Armaan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh throws duppata in Preesha’s trail room. Preesha decides to thank him. She learns that Rudraksh bought the shirts which she selected for Armaan. She tries to stop Rudraksh. Security guard questions kids.

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