Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh loses his fake eyebrows

Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor examines Raj. He says that Raj lost his voice. It happened due to eating or drinking something. He adds that they have to get tests to know the infection of his throat. Pihu tells him that Raj was fine before the competition. Doctor leaves from there. Rudraksh asks Raj that if the latter ate anything before the competition.

Vidyut tells him that Kanchan gave green tea to Raj. He says that it’s Kanchan and Pihu’s game. Rudraksh asks him that why Pihu will do that when she is in the competition with Raj. Vidyut tells him that to take revenge on him. He says that big music companies wanted to know about Raj because Raj is Rudraksh’s student. He adds that now Rudraksh image got damaged.

Pihu asks him to stop his nonsense. She says that she also drank green tea. He tells her that nothing happened to her but Raj lost his voice. He says that Raj is disqualified from the competition and his career is over. He adds that Pihu used Raj to take revenge on Rudraksh. Armaan asks him to stop accusing Thakurs. Kanchan says that she did nothing. Vidyut says that Thakur family is wicked family. Armaan loses his cool and he tries to attack him. Preesha tells him that there is no point in fighting. Rudraksh asks Vidyut to not utter a word. Preesha says that they have to leave. Pihu says that she want to stay with Raj. Armaan scolds her. Thakurs takes Pihu from there.

After some time, Rudraksh says that Kanchan is good at heart. Vidyut tells him that the latter trust people easily. He says that it’s possible that Armaan mixed something in the tea because Armaan want to destroy him. He recalls that how he mixed some powder in Raj’s green tea. He thinks that he took his revenge by humiliating Raj. Khuranas reaches the house. Rudraksh tells Raj that the latter’s voice will come. He asks him to take medicines. Vidyut tells him that he will take care of Raj.

Meanwhile, Thakurs reaches the house. Armaan asks his family to not talk about Khuranas. Kanchan tells Preesha that she did nothing. Preesha tells her that she trust her and goes inside. Kanchan notices that her plant is dead. She gets angry at Prem. She goes to outhouse. She asks kids about Prem. Ruhi tells her that Prem left the house. Kanchan talks about plant. Preesha asks her that what happened. Kanchan tells her everything. She says that she won’t spare Prem today. Ruhi says that Prem went to buy fertilizer. She goes to washroom. She calls Rudraksh and tells him everything.

Digvijay tells Armaan that the latter attacked Rudraksh’s reputation using Raj. Armaan tells him that he did nothing. They wonders that who did that. Meanwhile, Rudraksh realises that he lost his fake eyebrows. He calls Vanshika. He asks her to bring fake eyebrows from MK. Vanshika tells him that MK is out of town.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan tells Prem that the latter let plant die. She says that she don’t want an irresponsible gardener in her house. She asks him to back his bag and leave from there. Later, Armaan finds out that Rudraksh ordered the same plant like Kanchan.

Episode begins with Rudraksh asks Preesha to say something. But Preesha faints. Armaan comes there and he holds Preesha. He reminds Rudraksh that he warned him to stay away from Preesha. Rudraksh tells him that he knows that the latter is behind Preesha’s memory loss. He informs him that he told all the truth to Preesha. Armaan tells him that Preesha could die. He says that if anything happened to Preesha then he won’t leave Rudraksh. He takes her from there. Rudraksh follows him. Armaan put Preesha on the floor. He asks her to wake up and say something. He tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her.

Rudraksh asks him that what happened to Preesha. Armaan says that Preesha is dead. He blames Rudraksh for Preesha’s death. Rudraksh gets shocked hearing him. He says that, that’s not possible. He asks Preesha to say something. He asks her to wake up. He cries and he screams and it turns out to be his dream. Preesha asks him that why he stopped her. He gets relieved that she is fine. He thinks that he can’t lose her. He tells her that she is fine and that’s enough for him.

Armaan comes there and he pushes Rudraksh. He scolds him for coming in front of Preesha. He asks him that how dare the latter to touch Preesha’s hand. Rudraksh pushes him. He tells him that he came to meet Raj. Vidyut, Raj and Pihu comes there.

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