Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th January 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh offers Yuvraj a huge amount of money to get Preesha punished

Episode begins with GPS gets a call from Yuvraj and he asks for his whereabouts. He informed GPS that court case of Preesha is scheduled for tomorrow’s hearing. Yuvraj informed him that he is appointed as a judge for the court case. Saransh comes there go to school.

Aahana orders some white sarees for herself to wear still the death rituals of Rajiv gets over so that she can maintain her image in front of all. She decided to visit the school for student syllabus. Rudraksha also went with Ahana today school so that he can take care of her.

Vasundhara reached the school premises with Saransh and suddenly she noticed gossiping against her daughter and grandson. She tries to take away Saransh from there when some kids starts to taunt Saransh regarding the arrest of Preesha.

Vasudha tries to stop the kids from taunting Saransh but Ahana comes there and says you cannot create seen at the school premises like this. Vasudha says don’t you say anything to these kids who are taunting my grandson? Saransh noticed Rudraksh in the school and he says that this kids are harassing me can you please tell them that we are actually playing a game and my mom will be home soon.

Rudraksh feels bad for Saransh but dogri fear of losing his brother is taking over him and he asks Ahana to rusticate Saransh from the school as she has a strong reason right now because the legal guardian of Saransh is connected to a criminal case. aahana in forms Vasudha that she is rusticating Saransh from the school because all the parents of other kids are complaining against him.

Ahana says I will officially sent you letter regarding his rustication but currently just took him away from the school premises. The court case hearing is going to start of Preesha and Vasudha and GPS are waiting for the verdict of the court case. GPS tries to talk with Yuvraj regarding the judgement to go in the favour of Preesha but Yuvraj convince him with the talks of morals and ethics.

Rudraksh also comes to branch and offers him an amount of money of ten crore to give a verdict of hang till death for the case of Preesha. Yuvraj starts to think how come my fortune becomes so good and benefiting all of a sudden? He is happy to see everything is going in his favour and he is the one actually having the best out of it all. He thinks I am any day going to dump Preesha but now for doing it I will get 10 crore and he says that I always considered Preesha as a lucky charm in my life.

Yuvraj comes at the court room and ask for the proceedings to start. the lawyer of Rudraksh says that this case is an open and shut matter because Preesha has already given her statement of being the reason behind the death of Mr Rajeev Khurana so I would like to request you to announce your verdict in this matter.

Precap – Preesha is brought to a farmhouse and she noticed that Rudraksha is present there while Saransh got kidnapped from in front of his house.